Your Bathroom, Only Posher!
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Your Bathroom, Only Posher!

High-end hotels and spas have some of the best bathrooms around. You know the ones that make you do a little sigh as soon as you open the main door. Their not just loos, but an oasis of calm from the stress and bustle of everyday life. However, what if I told you that you could recreate something similar in your very own home? Well, you can, and all you need to do is follow the avid laid out below. Read on to find out more.

Deep and muted colours

One of the quickest and easier ways you can transform your bathroom from a functional family area to one of sheer luxury is to change the colours on the walls. That means saying no to the bright white and going for some deep and muted tones instead that create a sanctuary type feel.

In particular, moss green paired with a peachy-pastel pink are a good shout, and the fact they happened to be heavily influenced by Gucci’s current collection does nothing to hurt their high-end credentials either.

Of course, the key to posting any bathroom, no matter what the colour is using suitable paint. That means getting a product that won’t start to bubble and peel at the first sign of damp.

The perfect floor

Next, you can create a bathroom worth luxuriating in without the right floor. Of course, it goes without saying that carpet should be out, as it’s either practical, fashionable, or hygienic in a bathroom space.

In fact, the attention you pay to the flooring you have can make a difference to the entire ambiance in your bathroom. That is why it’s best to steer clear of cheaper laminate options as well and go for something like a luxe ceramic instead.

Of course, there is a vast range of these type of tiles available and so going to a place like the high-end tile supplier Poznan for advice on your needs is your best bet. Then you can be sure to get precisely the tile for the look you are creating, first time.

Your Bathroom, Only Posher!
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Gold fittings

Nothing says high end in a bathroom like gold fixtures and fittings. In particular, go for aged gold in Rococo or Baroque style as these elements will take your space to the next level, luxe wise.

Also, plenty of mirrors edged in gold are a smart move as well, although these can be either vintage style or more modern with thinner frames. You may even wish to install some circular mirrors to create a modern luxe look that still works well as a retreat from hectic modern life.

Finishing touches

Finally, one of the things that makes those high-end bathrooms stand out from the others is the little finishing touches. We’re talking baskets of small hand towels, smart hand wash and moisture lotions, and even some thick ply tissue for touching up your makeup.

In fact, if you install the little touches, along with the other elements you may just have the poshest bathroom in town! All in your very own home!

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