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Why Owning a Dog is Good for Your Health

There are so many good reasons to own a dog.  But, did you know that owning a dog is actually good for your health?

Not only do they bring you endless joy and tons of laughter, but they also help you feel better in ways that you couldn’t imagine.  If you have been back and forth on your decision to purchase a dog, here are a few good reasons why dogs are actually good for your health.

Stress Relief

Undoubtedly, having a dog isn’t always stress-free, especially at first.  However, once they have adjusted to your daily life and routines, they become a member of the family.  Dogs have a keen sense of knowing when you are not feeling yourself and they will come and cuddle with you.  Cuddling or petting a dog releases Oxytocin, which is a stress reducer.

It is also nice to know that you have someone at home that could be a deterrent to any possible burglars that may habitat the premises.  Knowing that you have a dog to protect the house can be a comfort when you are at work or away.

Stronger Heart

If you are someone who loves dogs, you instantly know how they capture your heart.  Studies show that people who have dogs have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and overall improved cardiovascular health.  This, in turn, should help to reduce your chances for having a heart attack. So, that dog that you love so much is not only capturing your heart, but he is also helping it grow stronger.


Sometimes it is hard to get the motivation to go out and exercise.  Having a dog is the perfect excuse to get you outside and active. Your dog needs to get outside and get some exercise in, so why don’t you get some as well?  This will help you feel better about yourself because you were able to get outside and enjoy nature, but you are also helping yourself if you are trying to lose weight.  Dogs love to be active and will be as active as you’ll let them. Help their energy boost your energy.

Helps With Depression

Today, many people are dealing with depression.  They question their purpose in life and don’t know where to turn.  A dog helps to promote having a purpose. You have a friend with you at all times who doesn’t judge you at all.  They help you feel a sense of purpose when you spoil them with toys, a beautiful tweed dog bed, all the treats in the world, and endless cuddles.  By making them happy, you are making yourself happy. Your dog will always be right there with you through your difficult times.

Social Life Improvement

Having a dog also helps to improve your social life.  Dog owners are more likely to make new friends because of the connection they make with other dog owners.  If you take your dog to the dog park, there is a good chance you will run into other dog owners and strike up a conversation.  There are also many dog groups online that you can join and meet up together. Everybody loves to talk about their best friend, so why not do it with a fellow dog lover?

Being a dog owner is one of the greatest responsibilities you can have, but one of the most rewarding as well.  Once you have had a dog, you realize how difficult it is to eventually live without one. For many reasons, but especially for your health, it is time to get a dog!

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