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Why It’s Finally The Year For You To Be Kind To Yourself

Life can be stressful, we all know that. No matter how happy you want to be and how smoothly you want life to go, it doesn’t always work out that way. We will all experience different peaks and troughs as we go through life. And you’ll always find that there are difficult things thrown at you, whether you like it or not. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re always dealing with adversity. But the trick is how you deal with it, not necessarily what happens to it. Even though this is the case, it’s not always that easy for you to get your head around and it can take a little practice. But, the idea of doing this is that you finally allow yourself to be happy.

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that you will never be happy or that you have to work extra hard to find happiness, but that isn’t true. All you have to do is be a little kinder to yourself. We’re all guilty of practicing negative self-talk from time to time, but all that ever does is bring on anxiety. And nobody wants that! So, if you know that you’re done with feeling rubbish and you’d like to change that, it’s time to be a lot kinder to yourself. And here’s how.

Change The Dialogue

To start with, you might want to think about changing up the dialogue a bit. Because the thing about kindness, is actually doing things that are in your own best interest here. It’s all too easy to get stuck in negative self-talk, and letting your mind talk you out of all the things you’ve always wanted to do. But you have to stop beating yourself up! Give yourself a break for just a minute and see that you are worthy.

Be Kind To Your Body

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re looking after your body too. It’s easy to just eat junk and live a sedentary life, just because. But this isn’t going to help you find happiness – not in the slightest. Instead, you might want to think about eating a balanced diet and moving a little more, because you’ll feel better when you do.

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Set Goals For Yourself

Something that you may not think of as being kind to yourself, but really is important if you want to be able to find happiness, is goal setting. We all have goals. We all have things we want to do – whether it’s buy a house, travel to a certain place, or write a book. Setting goals and making them happen is something that you owe to yourself. Stop putting your dreams on hold and be kind to yourself by actually giving them a go.

Do What You Love

We all have passions, yet we don’t always make time for them. And that’s really such a shame. So this year, be a lot kinder to yourself and indulge in them. Whether it’s reading or yoga, playing a sport or knitting. Do it and enjoy it, because you can.

Start Something, Just For Yourself

Sometimes, there’s a thing that you’ve always wanted to do. Learning a language, starting tennis lessons, learning how to kickbox – whatever it is, it’s there. So, why not think about starting to learn something new, just for you? You’ll feel so excited having that special interest, and it can add a lot of joy to your life.

Do The Thing

And then, there are always those things that we mean to get around to doing, but never do. So, we feel guilty about not doing them. And it can suck! But when you start to work through the tasks that need doing, you’ll sometimes feel like a weight has been lifted. Running that errand, finally fixing that embarrassing foot odour, getting your car serviced – you’ll feel much better. Instead of writing it off, ticking it off is a blessing.

Take Your Time

And finally, you definitely owe it to yourself to take your time with things. You really don’t have to feel that you need to rush through life or that you have to try and get tasks done by a certain time or date. This is something that is only ever going to make you feel awful about yourself – and more stressed out. So, give yourself about and take your time. It’s okay to be on a go slow from time to time. 

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