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What is Wellness?

When you hear the word ‘wellness’ what do you think about? I think wellness is typically thought of in relation to a person’s physical health and wellbeing. That’s right, to an extent, but there is actually a lot more to achieving wellness than that. So then, what is wellness? And how do we achieve it?

Wellness is about making a deliberate effort to be healthy in body and mind, being happy, and living the optimal life.

There are actually seven dimensions to wellness, and it is thought that if we are healthy and happy in each of these areas, then we will lead a fulfilled life and have achieved wellness. It is important to try and feel fulfilled in all seven areas so they don’t impact upon the other areas of your life.

The seven dimensions of wellness and examples of how to achieve them are:

Physical Dimension

  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating healthy, nutritional foods
  • Being aware of the way we act; negative behaviours can affect our overall health and wellness (e.g. taking drugs, being careless)
  • Seeing a doctor when you are sick

Emotional Dimension

  • Feeling and expressing emotions
  • Loving yourself and others, and allowing other people to love you
  • Having self-confidence
  • Thinking positively and optimistically

Intellectual Dimension

  • Continuously learning new skills
  • Expanding your knowledge, e.g. through reading or taking different courses
  • Using your creativity

Spiritual Dimension

  • Exploring the spiritual side of yourself
  • Being open to different philosophies
  • Being committed to your individual beliefs so you know your life’s purpose
  • Meditating often
  • Having faith and appreciation in everything you do

Occupational Dimension 

  • Having a positive attitude to, and believing in the work you do
  • Finding a career you love that fits with who you are
  • Having a vision for the future
  • Continuously learning new skills in your chosen area so you can progress

Social Dimension

  • Be respectful of yourself and other people
  • Contributing to your local community
  • Learning how to communicate effectively with others
  • Socialising with friends and family

Environmental Dimension 

  • Having an awareness of the planet and the impact we have on it
  • Living as harmoniously with the planet as possible; don’t waste resources such as water, gas, electricity
  • Recycling and reducing paper usage

This post is just a basic overview of each of the wellness dimensions.

Everybody’s wellness journey is going to be different and individual to them, depending on their own needs and desires.  I am working on improving my life in each of these areas, but personally, I think I need to focus more on my emotional and physical health before moving on to the other areas.

Which of the dimensions are most important to you? Which do you need to work on? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Sam x

*I am not a doctor or health professional. This post has been written from my personal experience, understanding, and opinion. 

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    • Sam

      Yes, I believe the same. I think because there are different dimensions, it allows us to easily asses our lives in each area, and set realistic goals towards being fulfilled in each area. Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it.

  • Hayley @Mission: Mindfulness

    Wow – this is a really comprehensive summary of wellness and is really thought-provoking as I’ve only really considered the first couple of headings before. So good to link to the wider world – community, environment etc. I think i need to give a little thought to the occupational area of my wellness right now. Thanks for making me consider this. XX #thesatsesh xx

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