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Ways To Get More Vegetables Into Your Diet (Without Piling Up Unappealing Greens On Your Plate)

We know that we need to eat healthier. And perhaps we’ve already made a resolution to ourselves to do something simple, like drink more water, but when we’ve tackled this it’s time to step up our game. Our diet could do with a bit more improvement and it means that we have to incorporate more healthy things into our diet. But the big problem with this is that we’re not always able to do this because we are on the go all the time, or we might not like vegetables as much as the health nut we know. But if we know that we’ve got to get more healthy foods into our diet are there any ways around this without putting a pile of unappealing salad on our plate?

Blitz It Up!

If you don’t have a food mixer already it might be time to invest in one. The great thing with blitzing vegetables is that you don’t lose the essential nutrients and fibre as you would with fruits. While many people talk about drinking more smoothies to be healthier, blitzing up fruits gets rid of the fibre, so what you’re left with is pure sugar. With vegetables, you don’t have that problem. The great thing about blitzing up vegetables in so many different ways is that you can turn it into a more palatable puree. So even if you don’t like vegetables you can still make a hearty soup with a handful of ingredients and have some bread on the side for dipping. You can also use a food mixer to blitz up vegetables to make a pasta sauce. 

Set Aside A Space On Your Plate

It can be a psychological thing. If you tend to pile up your plate up with protein and carbs, start to set aside a space on your plate where the vegetables would go. You may not even put vegetables on the plate just yet but this empty space needs filling. It could be a reminder that you need to have a certain quota of healthiness in your diet. As soon as you start to fill the empty space with vegetables, it becomes a habit.

Oven Roast

Vegetables don’t have to be unappealing and bland. Instead, you can get really creative with your vegetables and turn them into chips. Oven roasting vegetables like sweet potatoes and turning them into chips gives you the opportunity to add a lot of flavour to them. Something like kale, when you oven roast it, makes it taste just like crispy seaweed from the local Chinese! And this is a very good way to get your kids into eating more vegetables. Oven roasting them means having to flavour them up in different ways so you can bring out different textures.


One for the keto crowd, if you are trying to minimise your carbs you can spiralize courgettes and aubergines to brighten up any plate of spaghetti bolognese. Using a spiralizer is a great way to make it a bit more fun. Rather than using pasta, which is a very stodgy carb, you can start to turn vegetables into noodles and branch out into other types of dishes. You can make sweet potato carbonara or cook a very tasty stir-fry using carrots as the noodle base. Use your imagination!

Add More Flavour

Something that we all forget about when we’re trying to eat healthily is that we can flavour the vegetables in pretty much any way we want. If you have got children that don’t particularly like vegetables, it’s the perfect opportunity to get them eating more. Some children don’t like the texture but you can play around with this using the food mixer but also add different flavours. If you’re trying to get your children to eat more vegetables you can oven roast them, but also add things like mint or garlic and any seasoning or spice that you want to make it taste completely different. And let’s not forget, butter is not the enemy any more! Adding more flavour to aubergine using butter and herbs as well as cheese makes a delicious vegetarian meal. Don’t be afraid of adding flavour to it. In fact, it might be the one thing that makes you start to enjoy vegetables so much more!

We all know that we need to get more healthy foods into our diets but usually, this means that we’ve got to eat things that taste horrible and have no place on our plate. But by incorporating healthier foods into your diet using some of these subtle methods it could change your life and make you feel so much better. 

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