Unmissable Home Decor Trends For SS 2019
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Unmissable Home Decor Trends For SS 2019

One way to spruce up your living space and rock a new feel for the SS 2019 season is to pick some of the latest trends and use them in your home decor. Of course, you’ll first need to know what these are, as well as how to tailor them towards your personal space and budget. Luckily, you can get some advice on both these areas in my post below.

Marble and gold

Still going strong this season is the elegant combination of marble patterns with gold accents. In fact, you are likely to see items that fit this bill across many different stores from the most high end to the more high street, something that makes it achievable for any budget. You can even create your own home decor items by using sticky back marble paper and then edging with metallic washi tape.

Although, if you are looking to brighten up your home decor this summer and welcome in some new styles into your space with the minimum of hassle, you may be best picking up some simple pieces like Mr and Mrs marble and gold mugs, or an elegantly styled vase or end table. The advantage of this being that you can inject some on-trend style into the decor you already have in your home without too much effort on your part.

Pinks, peaches, and reds

Each season has its key colour schemes, and I have it on good authority that SS 2019 is all about gently clashing peaches with pink and reds. Of course, as such tones are close together on the colour wheel, we often think we must stay away from them.

However, if displayed correctly and balanced with the other decorative aspect of your home, they can be used to create a wonderful retro vibe, that is colourful, but subtle all at once.

Although, if you can’t bring yourself to paint interior walls in blocks of these colours you can achieve a similar effect by picking out smaller decorative pieces and accessories such as vases and baskets and arranged them together.

Wicker and wood

Another fabulous trend that can immediately update your home in 2019 is the use of wicker and rattan in small decorative items. In particular, we are talking about lamp shades, side tables, and magazine racks here.

Unmissable Home Decor Trends For SS 2019
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Although, you can also get a similar effect with rattan trimmed mirrors and footstools as well. You can even have a go at DYIng this trend with a few wicker fans, or branches and some hot glue if the creative urge strikes you.

Opulent fabrics

Lastly, when it comes to interior trends one that you cannot ignore this year is the use of opulent and luxurious fabrics. We are talking velvet and velour here, often in equally luxurious jewel tones as well.

Expect everything from sofas and armchairs, to dining chairs to be covered in such materials. Although, if you can’t afford to revamp your entire three piece suite, laying scatter cushions of different tones on a plain coloured sofa can provide you with a similar on-trend look at a fraction of the price.

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