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Three Hacks for Downsizing Your Living Space

Whether you’re packing up and heading to the city to take the next step in your career, or you’ve finally managed to buy an apartment to get out of the renting game, downsizing your life from a sizable house to a small apartment can be a shock to the system. You may take some time to get used to living your life on a smaller scale, and you might wish you had more of your belongings around.

That said, downsizing needn’t be an overwhelming experience. These tips will help you make the transition from a house to an apartment without disrupting your life too much.

Get Used to The Concept of Small Space Living

One of the main challenges you might face when you downsize from a house to a small apartment is growing accustomed to small-space living. (Of course, if you’ve been caravanning with kids, you’ll already have this down to a fine art.) One of the most productive ways to prepare yourself for the move is to get your head around the idea of downsizing, even before you start packing up your old home. Start assessing your belongings in terms of how useful they are versus how much space they require in a home. This mental work will help you decide which pieces of furniture and other possessions are especially useful for the amount of space they take up, and which would be a waste of space.

Sort Your Stuff into Three Categories

When you’re in the process of packing up your home, it’s a great opportunity to work out what furniture and other items actually impact your happiness, and which items you could get by without. Group together the things you can’t live without and label them as “essential”. The things that you really enjoy having the use of but don’t technically need should be boxed together. This is your “maybe” pile. Finally, it’s time to acknowledge that the stuff that is left over is not needed, and you don’t really like it. Basically, it’s clutter and you need to get rid of it. Whether you donate it to charity, sell it on eBay or (last resort) throw it away, you should not take these things with you to the new place.

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Get Short-term Storage

When it’s time to load up the moving van, you’ll be glad that you sorted your belongings into three piles. Now is when the “maybe” boxes come into their own: rather than take these boxes with you on the first trip, invest in a month of Easy Access Self Storage to store these boxes until you’re fully settled into your new place. Once you’ve got used to the space with only the essentials, you’ll know what you want to introduce from your “maybe” boxes. Chances are, you won’t want everything. There may be a few items that would really enhance your life, whether by adding convenience, or simply providing pleasure and familiarity of having your things around you. Once you’ve got the things you want to keep out of storage, it’s time to rehome the rest.

Whether you’re moving for a new partner or a new job, bidding farewell to a spacious house and moving into a small apartment can be a challenge. These tips will help you ease the transition.

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