The Ultimate Night In As A Family
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The Ultimate Night In As A Family

It is always nice to consider having a night in with the family when you have a busy week from work. School, nursery, jobs and careers, they all take their toll on feelings and energy levels, which often means the weekends are there to recuperate. Not everyone has busy social lives and play dates to get to, so it might be the ideal opportunity to enjoy a night in together. So here are some suggestions to help you all enjoy it.

Set the scene

Any living room space will be the ideal setting for the ultimate night in, so why not take some time to really set the scene. Draw the curtains or close the blinds to get the room a little darker and cosy. Bring out all of the blankets and fluff up the cushions. If you have a fire, log burner or stove it could be the ideal time to use some stove fuel to get it lit. Not just for warmth but also ambience. Light some candles if your children are old enough to not mess with them. Lower the lighting and really get the room inviting and relaxing. It can make all of the difference to your mood, especially if you are trying to bring down the energy levels of children and have them start relaxing ready for bed.

Watch something everyone will enjoy

We all have different tastes when it comes to what we watch on TV, but there has got to be something that you will all enjoy. Superhero movies, fun romantic comedies, a series on Netflix that everyone will enjoy like Planet Earth. There are some great things that you can watch and enjoy together and it could be a great way to just have everyone concentrating on the one thing. It might also be an ideal time to put all of the phones and smart devices away. This could be especially important for older children, who may sit with you, but not engage in any conversation due to watching something on their phone. It’s time to spend some quality time as a family.

Snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks are very important for a family night in, and while you may treat yourself to a gin or a nice glass of wine, what about everyone else? Maybe bowls of popcorn would be ideal, some flavoured water drinks or whizzing up some milkshakes or smoothies as a treat. What would your family like to eat and drink? If you are struggling for snack recipes or drinks ideas, then Pinterest could be worth a look.

Getting comfortable

Finally, getting comfortable is the key, so encourage everyone to put on their pyjamas or comfiest clothes for relaxing in. The last thing you want is to feel confined with your skinny jeans and shirt on from the day. Relax, maybe take a shower or a bath before putting on some comfier clothes so that you can really relax. Encourage the family to do the same.

Let’s hope these tips help you to enjoy the ultimate night in as a family.

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