The Art of Making Your Garden a Heartthrob without Investing Much. Inexpensive gardening with artificial foliage
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The Art of Making Your Garden a Heartthrob without Investing Much

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Gardens that are truly beautiful are appealing to the senses. The sounds of birds chirping and the smell of fresh flowers blooming can truly be refreshing. If you don’t have an idea about where to start, then drive by your friend or neighbors garden and see what catches your eye. Start with seeing if the things you like fit the design you’re planning to go with. While some people may enjoy a lot of garden decorations, most people prefer simpler decorations. Less is more in most cases after all! Here are a few instructions to make your garden look like a heartthrob without burning a huge hole in your wallet.


Add Flowers and Plants

Flowers have a way of enhancing the beauty in any place! Rather than going with plain green colors, a good choice would be to get colorful flowers. Even then, it is not necessary to invest in planting flowers. It is typically more convenient to purchase vegetable and fruit plants as they also happen to have beautiful flowers. Some good options include spring onions, thyme, basil, rosemary as well as sage. Some of these plants can even help to attract insects that can be beneficial to the garden.


Weed Control

The finest method to control weeds is to ensure that the seeds do not germinate. Weeds are like freeloaders, and it wouldn’t be wise to share the healthy nutrients of your garden soil with potentially harmful plants. This is why weed control is one of the most underrated things that you can do in order to help make your garden beautiful. You can do this by investing in some attractive looking mulch in order to prevent the seeds of the weeds to germinate.


Artificial Landscaping Products

While the primary goal may be to invest in having a heartthrob of a garden, you wouldn’t want to burn a huge hole in your pocket. A beautiful garden must have a lush green lawn and this can serve to be expensive, especially because of the amount of water as well as the maintenance in terms of equipment. It will also take a lot of energy to maintain it by mowing it every now and then. The alternative would be to invest in an artificial lawn that will make it look green all year round. There are quite a few other artificial landscape products as well as that can make your garden look amazing!


Artificial Plants and Trees

Similar to investing in artificial lawns, purchasing fake plants and trees can also do wonders for your garden. In fact, it can save you quite a bit of money as they do not need all of the work and resources as normal plants do. Besides you can buy safe artificial foliage which even meets the standard fire codes. You won’t even need someone to water your artificial plants when you go on vacations. This is as good as it gets!


Art is Crucial

One cannot stress this enough! Adding art to pretty much anything, makes it appear more beautiful. Ornaments, garden gnomes, and even handmade items can serve as garden art. The right kind of art helps show off your personality and even adds to the character of your garden. Something as simple as adding a pot or painting the external walls can serve cheap and yet bring out the best in the way your garden looks.


Add Multifunctional Plants

Adding some multifunctional flowers or some edible herbs can not only make the garden look attractive but also add a pleasant aroma to the garden. Some good options include chives, lemon thyme, marigold, tatsoi, parsley, and violet. These will be useful in cooking as well as for aromatic experiences and beauty.


Unity in Diversity

This is absolutely essential. Try adding different plants of the same shade. This gives a very cool and neat look to the garden. Yellow and purple are some good ideas. If yellow/orange is your preferred colors then you could plant some yellow capsicums, cherry tomatoes or even yellow pears and marigolds. For purple color themes, sages, purple basil, rhubarb, beetroot are some good options.


Highlight a Feature

Your highlighted feature can be what most captures the personality that you want to portray. This may be some form of garden art like a birdhouse or a statue. Some ways to capture the essence of what you want to portray are:

  • Choose a plant that you want to highlight and center it on your verandah.
  • Use a pot of different color as contrast can make it more eye-catching.
  • Use some good outdoor art on your balcony or on the walls surrounding your garden. Some furniture can also make it look very beautiful.


Variegated Foliage

There may be some cases where sunlight may not be enough for your plants and growing them can be hard. Getting additional resources may prove to be expensive and inefficient. In such cases, one must choose and add color very carefully. Variegated foliage is typically a good option. These have one color on one side as well as another color on the other side. Some good varieties of such variegated foliage include Sanseveria, Mandevilla, Rhoeo, Cordylines, Dracaenas etc. These have striking beauty and have the added advantage that they can be cultivated indoors. Doing this can not only make the interiors of your home more pleasant to look at but also improve the quality of the air you breathe.



In conclusion, one cannot stress the importance of good gardens. Good gardens can help in improving the quality of air and the aroma, as well as make the garden look more pleasant. If you do not want to invest a lot of money, then there are some good artificial plants and trees in the market. If you desire to go natural, then buy a few good multifunctional and edible plants as they will give you a lot of advantages. Gardening is considered an admirable hobby and investing in one is not something that you should think twice about!

* This is a sponsored guest post by ThermaLeaf®. See website disclosures

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