The Accessories That Will Take Your Home to the Next Level
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The Accessories That Will Take Your Home to the Next Level

It can be the small details that finish off your home. This applies to most things in life and décor is no exception. It is great if you have some beautiful furniture, but without the right accessories, your home could still feel that it is not quite right.


The quality of the lighting can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your home. Accent lighting can be particularly good. Not only can a table lamp look really good on a side table perhaps, but it also saves the cost of having the main lights on. Lamps by Serge Mouille and other top designers include some free-standing ones and wall lights too, and they are very design orientated. Yes, they are pretty expensive compared to many high street lamps, but they are much more beautiful, will stand the test of time, and they’ll make your home look much more interesting and expensive too.

Textured Throws

Pick some throws that are a different texture to your living room furniture to add some interest and to add some colour. These are great because if you fancy a change it is much cheaper and easier to buy some replacement throws.

The Accessories That Will Take Your Home to the Next Level
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Plant Life

Breathe new air into your family home by adding some potted plants, literally. Plants will help to freshen the air in your home as well as looking good. Choose none flowering ones if you want them to be simple to care for, and to add some sophistication to your home.


Mirrors can have a big impact on the look of your home, especially in smaller spaces or if they can be placed on a wall that faces a window. They will fool the eye into thinking a room is larger than it really is because of the way the light bounces off them.

Art And Photos

Hang some nice pieces of art or some family photos on your walls for a homely feeling. The art does not have to be expensive and if you are good with a paintbrush you could even do something yourself.

Family photos are always a talking point and if you have some that bring a smile to your face that is even better. Dressing your walls with things like this can give a real feeling of being at home, and not just in a house.

The Accessories That Will Take Your Home to the Next Level
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Something Old

Never be afraid to mix something old in with the new. Often, older items have more character and something such as an old rug, or brass candlesticks that belonged to your grandparents are a feature that will mix in well with new items and it is good to have something from the past in your home.

Books For The Coffee Table

Have a couple of books on your coffee table. They are not especially meant to be there to read, but more for their covers to add some colour to the plain wooden top of the table. You can bring them out to suit the seasons, and regardless of whether they are fiction, travel books or about any subject that interests you, they will add some visual interest to something that is usually very stark.

Adding a few pieces here and there can make a huge difference to how your home looks and feels.

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