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    Shower Enclosure Considerations

    If you are looking to buy a shower enclosure then you will be met with a lot of different choices to select from. It is important that you put in a lot of forethought and consideration before you make a final decision regarding which one to purchase. After all, shower enclosures aren’t cheap and if you make the wrong choice then it is not something which can easily be reversed. Nevertheless, narrowing down your search should not be too hard as there are four main points of consideration when shopping for a shower enclosure; budget, size, style and shower tray. Budget Before you begin to shop it is advisable that…

  • Creating A Stunning Patio This Spring
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    Creating A Stunning Patio This Spring

    If you want to make the most of the garden this summer, one of the main areas you can think about upgrading is the patio. Throughout the summer it is always fun for us to be able to host our family for parties and have barbecues in the backyard, and when it comes to enjoying the space, the patio can have a large impact. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do during the spring to make the patio the perfect addition to your garden this year. Link it to the kitchen If you want to make the patio feel like a…

  • Unmissable Home Decor Trends For SS 2019
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    Unmissable Home Decor Trends For SS 2019

    One way to spruce up your living space and rock a new feel for the SS 2019 season is to pick some of the latest trends and use them in your home decor. Of course, you’ll first need to know what these are, as well as how to tailor them towards your personal space and budget. Luckily, you can get some advice on both these areas in my post below. Marble and gold Still going strong this season is the elegant combination of marble patterns with gold accents. In fact, you are likely to see items that fit this bill across many different stores from the most high end to…

  • Ready For Spring? Complete This Home Project First
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    Ready For Spring? Complete This Home Project First

    As soon as spring hits us with all its force, we tend to scramble to the shop to pick up some flowers, clean the house quickly, and get everything ready for the grand arrival. The only problem is, of course, that spring has already arrived – and we’re rather late to the party. This year, you can always try to be a bit ahead of time and have everything ready before the sunny months. It might even give you the energy you need to push through the final grey months of winter and, by the end of your project, the birds will be chirping cheerfully outside. Here is a handful…