How To Balance Home & Family Without Going Crazy

Balancing kids, home, and work is certainly no easy task – especially if you’re used to having more freedom and doing your own thing, but there are lots of ways you can create more time for yourself. It may take some discipline, and you’ll probably feel guilty at times, but you shouldn’t. You need to

Designing Your Home For Health And Happiness

Having a home that suits you is essential if you’re going to be healthy and happy. The home should be your safe haven. Whether you’re taking a hot bath after a long day or relaxing with your favourite TV shows, you should love your surroundings and feel happy and comfortable. Plus, you should have peace

8 Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors

There’s much to be said for modern life. It’s increased our quality of life; we’re healthier and smarter, and more able to live a life in our image. However, there is a downside (well, there’s a lot actually, but here’s one of them): we’re all spending much more time indoors. If you live in a

How Food Can Make Or Break Your Brain

For the longest time, nutrition researchers put their effort into understanding the relationship between food and common diseases of the body, especially heart disease. Over time, they discovered that a diet rich in animal food and fat led to problems with the circulatory system which could ultimately kill people. Diseases of the brain were comparatively

How To Help a Family Member struggling With Their Health

When you have a family member who’s going through something with their health, you need to be there to offer some sort of support. Of course, it’s up to them how involved you should be. But nevertheless, there are some things that you should think about and try to do in order to be of