• Say No To Nothing-But-Neutral With Home Accessories
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    Say No To Nothing-But-Neutral With Home Accessories

    Home accessories are considered to be elements of your home’s interior design that serve a decorative rather than a purely functional purpose. For example, rugs, display cabinets, throw cushions, and similar items; items that help to ‘complete’ a space and create a homely feel, but which are not crucial to the functionality of a room. When choosing home accessories, most of us tend to keep this decorative-before-function idea in mind. Sure, if a home accessory also serves a functional purpose that’s a bonus, but our main focus tends to be on finding items that enhance and complement the more practical elements. However, it’s also worth considering another possibility home accessories…

  • Simple Decorating for Rental Homes
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    Simple Decorating for Rental Homes

    When you are renting a home, you may find that it is more difficult to put your own individual decorating stamp on it. After all, you are limited by what you can do by the landlord restrictions etc. But this doesn’t mean that you should leave it to never feel like your own home. After all, you could be staying here for a significant period of time, and you want a place which is going to welcome you back in with open arms whenever you arrive back again. To help you out with this dilemma, we are going to look in more detail at a few simple decorating tips for…