Suggestions for Funeral Planning
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Suggestions for Funeral Planning

It is something that none of us are ever truly ready for, the loss of a loved one. But time comes when inevitably someone near and dear to us will pass on and the arrangements for the funeral will need to be completed. To make this difficult period of your life easier, here are some suggestions on what to do and how.

Respecting Their Wishes

One of the first things anyone involved in planning a funeral should do is make themselves aware of what the person they are planning a memorial for wanted. In this day and age there are many ways of making this information available, but most commonly this will be through the last will. Knowing what you loved one wanted for their farewell and putting it into place can be a difficult thing to achieve, but doing your best and honouring their memory will give you some much-needed assurance that you have done right by them.

Funeral Arrangements

Keeping the wishes of your loved one in mind, you should contact your local funeralcare establishment as soon as possible. You won’t want to wait around for a long period because funerals can be booked up well in advance, and therefore you could be delaying putting them to rest and the grieving process for yourself and your family. Keeping in mind any information about what the departed would have wanted is critical to any funeral planning. You should make the undertaker aware of any wants that you need to put in place as soon as possible.

During the funeral arrangements, you must keep in mind your budget. Sitting down and including your family in the decision making so that everyone is comfortable with the plan for a funeral is important, but keeping the headline figure at the centre of any plan is vital. Everyone wants to give the best possible send off to their loved ones, but causing financial damage is only going to make the grieving process harder.


Several details need to be arranged as part of the funeral, and we will look at some of them now. Some of this information will connect to the previously discussed topics.

For starters, you should choose the form of disposition. This means whether your loved one will be buried or cremated. This should be something that has been discussed before their passing, but if not then there is information online to help you choose the right option. As part of this discussion about disposition, you should also make it clear whether you want the body present or not. Some people prefer to have an open casket style funeral for people to say their goodbyes, however that isn’t appropriate for everyone and should be decided between you.

Finally, plan the memorial service so that it is meaningful and gives everyone in attendance the opportunity to remember the deceased. Eulogies, favourite music and photographs are just some of the ways you can ensure your loved one is given a send-off fitting their life.

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