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Sick Of Mess? How To Create A Manageable Home When You Have Kids

For many mums, things like interior design go out of the window when they have kids. The priority is looking after the children. The house comes second. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way – if you don’t want it to be. You can have a fabulous house AND one that is easy to manage.

Keeping the house under control and looking good is possible, even if you have little scamps running around all over the place. It’s just a matter of making the right decor and organisational decisions in advance, prepping you for the onslaught. 

Cut Down On “Stuff”

The best way to keep your home as organised as possible is to cut down on stuff. The fewer things that you have in your home, the better off you’ll be. Even if it isn’t kids’ stuff, extra possessions that you don’t need have an annoying habit of cluttering up your rooms, even if you’re on top of organisation. When you have children, it pays to go down the minimalist route. Only keep the things you need, and try to avoid any excess of wastage along the way. Your purse and your home will appreciate it. 

Start With Toys

Toys are, of course, a significant source of clutter and something that can mess up the appearance of your home. What’s more, they’re intrinsically messy – they’re meant to be scattered all over the floor. That’s how you play with them.

Some parents take extreme measures in the fight against toys. For instance, smart mums will often restrict the use of toys to a single room, usually at the back of the house. What’s more, they keep toys out of the bedroom, using a designed playroom or playpen, depending on their kids’ needs. 

Make Your Interiors Simple

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While you might like the idea of gold leaf or elegant decor themes, white and grey interiors are probably your best bet when you want to make your home more manageable because of children. Keeping things neutral and simple means that you don’t have to spend so much time looking for matching colours and textures. Most decorative choices will work. Plus, it is actually a lot easier to see when things are messy and dirty, meaning that you can identify spills and other problems faster. 

Use One Set Of Plates

In keeping with the theme of going minimalist, it is a good idea to keep only one set of plates, cutlery, and pans. While that might sound like an extreme measure, it forces you to wash up after every meal and prevents clutter from accumulating around your sink. If everyone has just one item that they eat from, then you’ll never run into a situation where you have mountains of washing up waiting for you by the sink. 

Clear Your Sills And Mantelpiece

Candles and figurines might look great on sills and mantelpieces, but they make managing your home much more difficult when you have kids. Remove them as soon as possible, put them into storage, and then bring them back out when your home is less chaotic. 

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