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Shower Enclosure Considerations

If you are looking to buy a shower enclosure then you will be met with a lot of different choices to select from. It is important that you put in a lot of forethought and consideration before you make a final decision regarding which one to purchase. After all, shower enclosures aren’t cheap and if you make the wrong choice then it is not something which can easily be reversed. Nevertheless, narrowing down your search should not be too hard as there are four main points of consideration when shopping for a shower enclosure; budget, size, style and shower tray.


Before you begin to shop it is advisable that you devise a budget. After all, as there are lots of different shower enclosures available in stores and online today, there is an array of different prices. Thus you should set yourself a budget before you begin to shop so that you find something which fits into your means. Make sure you consider the cost in its entirety – remember you’ll need to pay for the installation as well. A final point regarding the costs incurred is that, whilst it may be tempting to go for the cheapest shower enclosure you find, this is inadvisable. Reason being, you are likely to suffer a lack of quality and thus your shower will need to be replaced a lot sooner than anticipated.


In addition to costs, you also need to contemplate the size of the shower enclosure. Granny flats and properties like this can sometimes have small bathrooms, but the market has adapted to suit this. It is likely that you will have already determined whereabouts in your bathroom you’d like it to be placed. You should measure this area – including both the floor space and the height in order to ensure that the choice you select will fit. This sounds like an obvious point, but a lot of people tend to just assume that the enclosure will fit into the space they have selected. Moreover, depending on the style of shower enclosure you are going for you will have to set aside some space for the door opening and shutting as well, so bear that in mind.


A further area of consideration is the style of shower enclosure you are going to buy. This depends on your personal taste, the current style of your bathroom and again the space that you have available. There are lots of different types for you to choose from, so you will certainly find something that matches your expectations. Pentagon enclosures are great when adding another dimension to your bathroom. Walk in enclosures are sleek and stylish with a luxurious edge, they are also good if you have a lot of space. And corner entry enclosures are a modern choice.

Shower Tray

And finally, when looking for shower enclosures don’t forget to consider the bathroom shower tray. A lot of websites offer you the option to buy a shower tray when you purchase the enclosure. This is highly advisable because you can rest safe in the knowledge that the tray you buy will be just right for your enclosure. After all, shower trays are available in different materials, shapes and sizes, so it can be quite difficult to know which one to select.

All in all, if you consider style, size, price and shower trays then you should have no trouble finding the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom.

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