Say No To Nothing-But-Neutral With Home Accessories
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Say No To Nothing-But-Neutral With Home Accessories

Home accessories are considered to be elements of your home’s interior design that serve a decorative rather than a purely functional purpose. For example, rugs, display cabinets, throw cushions, and similar items; items that help to ‘complete’ a space and create a homely feel, but which are not crucial to the functionality of a room.

When choosing home accessories, most of us tend to keep this decorative-before-function idea in mind. Sure, if a home accessory also serves a functional purpose that’s a bonus, but our main focus tends to be on finding items that enhance and complement the more practical elements. However, it’s also worth considering another possibility home accessories offer: the chance to be bold.

The insistence on neutrality

First and foremost, let’s acknowledge that neutral home design can be truly spectacular – soft greys, bright whites, and earth tones have an undeniable stylish elegance. What’s more, neutral home decor has become a “must” for those thinking ahead to a time when they may sell their home in future – it is often taken as read that properties that feature bolder, brighter designs simply won’t attract the same range of buyers. Given the stylishness offered by neutral designs, and the potential impact on the future sale of the house, neutrality seems like the sensible choice.

If you passionately love neutral colour schemes, then go for it – as we have discussed, there are plenty of benefits to doing so. However, many people find neutrality a little… dull. It’s a choice people make because they think they should, not necessarily because it’s what they want.

Embracing the bold with home accessories

If you have struggled to embrace neutral home design fully, then home accessories can offer the balance you have been hoping to achieve.

Home accessories allow you to introduce bright colours and bold patterns into any room, but without the need to completely redecorate the entire space. You can look for rugs for sale and beautiful throw cushions to buy, and then include these items in any neutrally-decorated room – which allows you to achieve a more vibrant interior with relative ease. Home accessories are designed to be changed; altering to adapt to new seasons and trends, but without the need to completely redecorate a room or replace expensive items of functional furniture.

What’s more, not only can you add a splash of colour and interest to your home in the moment, but bold home accessories are easily replaced if you decide to sell your home in future. You can simply swap out your more colourful and exciting pieces for prospective-buyer-friendly neutrals, storing your most vibrant pieces for use in the next property you live in.

In conclusion

Neutral decor can undoubtedly be beautiful and stylish, but for those craving more vibrant, dynamic colours, patterns, and textures, home accessories are the perfect solution. With the right pieces, you can ensure each room in your home has its own unique personality but is still flexible enough to return to neutral decor when it’s time for you to move on in future.

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