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Reducing Chaos In Your Family Kitchen Is Easy: Here’s How

For most families, the kitchen is right at the epicentre of the home – a place where everyone congregates several times per day, if only for a few minutes. For this reason, it can become quite hectic, with children and parents dashing in all directions, trying to get things done.

Most kitchens, unfortunately, are poorly equipped to deal with the chaos. Soon they become overwhelmed, and parents wind up spending hours tidying up and trying to organise them. It can be a massive time drain. 

The good news, though, is that there are a lot of things that you can do to make your kitchen more family-friendly. Here are some ideas.

Give Your Fridge A Regular Service

Manufacturers tend to design refrigerators for typical use scenarios, such as a young professional couple grabbing some milk out of it in the morning for their breakfast cereal. Families, however, put a lot of additional strain on their appliances, often necessitating Maytag fridge repairs. For this reason, it is a good idea for your kitchen to have a regular service schedule to make sure that equipment remains in working order, no matter how often the kids raid the fridge. 

Create A Play Station

Creating a play station is easy. All you need is a storage trolley with paper, pens, egg cups, mugs, and whatever else your kids need. Then you can just wheel out at dinner times to keep them entertained. 

Install A Chalkboard

Because the entire family descends on the kitchen every day, it makes sense to use the room as a means of communication. Calendars nailed to the wall are good, but a chalkboard where people can write whatever they like is even better. 

You can put chalkboards pretty much wherever you like. The back of the door is a suitable spot if you want something discreet. You can also put them along the skirting of your kitchen island if you have one. The most popular option, though, a prominent position on the wall where everyone can see it quickly, such as high on the wall next to the stove. 

Make Your Counters Different Heights

From time to time, your kids might want to prepare a snack or a meal. Their job, though, is made more difficult if all your counters are a single height and high up. 

Savvy parents who want to encourage their children to spend more time in the kitchen, therefore, are now investing in counters of different heights. This feature allows their kids to chop veggies or prepare meals on a suitable work surface with relative ease. 

Add Safety Features

Kids have a habit of homing in on the most dangerous things in the house, including potentially harmful objects in the kitchen. 

It’s crucial, therefore, that you add safety features, where necessary. One good idea, for example, is to put locks on the knife drawer, preventing access by curious toddlers. You may also want to include a step stool in the kitchen to allow kids to access specific items, without having to climb over all your cabinets. 

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