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Pregnant? You Still Need To Make Time For Yourself

A lot can change when you get pregnant. Some women have it easy. They ride through the experience with minimal changes to their lives until the day the baby is born. Others aren’t so lucky. Between the bouts of anxiety and self doubt they’re enduring terrible morning sickness or suffering with lapses in the immune system. A key example is the dreaded water infection which can spread to the kidney. Not overly dangerous, but certainly painful enough that you end up spending a few nights in hospital. When pregnant, a lot of women tend to make vast changes in their lives, but these aren’t always needed. Here, you can find a few tips around how you can remain who you are and still give yourself the time you deserve while pregnant.

Take Time To Mentally Prepare

First and foremost you need to get over the fact yourself. It can be hard to come to terms with sometimes, women struggle with it. It’s going to have a huge impact on your life. In certain cases you can use an abortion clinic for councalling, or maybe take the time to talk through things with family and friends who have been in the same situation. The reason it’s important to do this at the beginning is because then you can enjoy focusing on your pregnancy instead of the issues which surround it.

You Don’t Have To Stop Exercising

A lot of future mums stop because they think it’s bad for the baby. While excessive exercise isn’t always beneficial, there’s no harm in going to the gym every now and then like you used to before. If you feel like dialing it back a little then stop the long runs and walk instead. Move away from the heavy weights and go for more reps instead. Whatever you did before can be continued in some way or another.

Start A New Hobby

If there’s something that you used to enjoy but find tough now due to pregnancy, don’t settle for dropping it in its entirety. Instead, think about something else you can do. Yoga is a really beneficial hobby to take up if you’re pregnant and can replace other types of sport. This can slow down the further along you get. In the first instance you can look into pilates or more exercise driven forms, and only slow down into a few positions when your due date approaches.

Make Time To Sleep

Pregnant women need more sleep. It’s a simple fact. A lot of women don’t understand this and try to get by on the same sleep they had before getting pregnant. This is tough when you work the same hours right up until your maternity starts. You need extra, so take yourself off to bed a little earlier, or allow yourself that extra bit of time in the morning before you get up. It can vary too. Some days you’ll feel okay, like you used to before hand. But on others you’ll feel like staying in bed all day. Listen to your body, make sure you make time for the right amounts of sleep.

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