Mood Swing Whiplash

Is mood swing whiplash a thing? I’m pretty sure it must be because I’ve got it from my daughter. Seriously, one minute it’s all smiles and laughter, the next it’s all scowls and tantrums. I can’t keep up. She goes from one extreme to the next in an instant, and I’m left standing there confused and scratching my head. Molly is prone to meltdowns, and while they are hard to deal with, we know what they are. We know she’s having a sensory overload and is struggling to cope. We mostly know what to expect and how best to deal with them. But the mood swings and general tantrums, well, they’re a different ball game altogether! They’ve got a life of their own and take me by surprise every single time. She’s Usain Bolt going in one direction, and I’m on a loop-the-loop rollercoaster attempting to keep up with her. If by some miracle I do manage to figure out what she wants, she has a complete change of mood and we’re back at square one. Naively, we think our kids are going to be little angels, don’t we? And they are, mostly, up until the terrible twos anyway. We finally figure out how to handle the terrible twos, and then in stroll the threenager years. Molly is soon to be a fournado and I’m sure, by the name alone, that that’ll bring problems of its own. Well, if my four-year-old niece’s little attitude problem is anything to go by, then I know I have that delight to come! I’m guessing the mood swing whiplash is going to have to be something I get used to. I might start bribing her with chocolate… Or buying myself big bottles of gin! Does your child give you mood swing whiplash? How do you cope?   Sam x