Molly’s Month (March 2018)

Molly’s Month (March 2018)

Molly’s Month (March 2018) is the second instalment in a new series I started last month. When I originally started blogging at Stressy Mama, the idea was that it would be like an online journal which documented the memorable moments from Molly’s life. My vision for the blog changed and I rebranded, but this series means I still get to focus part of the blog to Molly.


Molly’s Month (March 2018)

March was a great month. Molly seems to have grown up so much; my baby is well a truly a little girl now.



  • I’ve mentioned a few times before how much I love it when Molly brings her crafty makes home from nursery. This month she brought back her Easter-themed crafts, and bless her, she was so proud of them.
  • The snow and strong winds at the beginning of March didn’t go easy on Molly’s toys in the back garden. Her trampoline almost blew away and her poor swing set was flattened by the trampoline. Molly was not a happy bunny.
  • We have finally got rid of the dummy. Woop woop! She didn’t have it as much as she once did but still needed it at night. Recently though, she would randomly gag when she had it in her mouth. She’d say she didn’t want it again but then she’d cry for it at bedtime. A few days ago though, she was sat cosily on my knee just before bed and she gagged. The next thing we know, she projectile vomited everywhere, about four times! That well and truly put her off it and she hasn’t asked for it since.
  • Both Molly and Jess, my niece, passed their first pre-school gymnastics exam this month. I am so proud of them both. Jess is a natural athlete and finds anything sport related quite easy. She is excelling in swimming and is becoming a really good gymnast. I am such a proud auntie! Molly, as I’ve mentioned, is quite clumsy, and very much the opposite of a natural athlete; she’s more of a creative like mama! But she tried so hard in her exam that I thought my heart may actually burst out of my chest with pride.



  • Molly is still as clumsy as ever but she seems to have become a little more resilient over the past few weeks.
  • We are still having lots of sleepless nights with Molly. We got her a new bed not long back because we thought it would help her sleep. It didn’t! She begged us to give her back her ‘Frozen’ toddler bed, promising that she would sleep and stay in her own bed. We gave her the old bed back and she stuck to her word, for one night. Now it’s back to her waking up several times in the night before climbing in our bed.
  • Molly’s conversational language skills have really come on in March. She is becoming such a little chatterbox. That’s the polite way of saying she never bloody shuts up. Seriously, from the minute we wake up, until the minute she goes to sleep! It. Never. Stops!
  • Molly doesn’t really like big crowds so it’s always hit and miss if she will join in, or if she is going to struggle. We had a bit of a meltdown at the library this month. I hope she learns to cope better with big groups as she is starting school soon, but if not, we will deal with that at the time.



  • Molly is still obsessed with Disney Princess Dolls at the minute. She keeps asking for more so I caved and got her Cinderella and Princess Aurora for Easter because she didn’t have those ones.
  • Molly loves going to coffee shops. Yes, she’s three, and already loves a good coffee shop. This month she had a cup of soya milk in one coffee shop and a Babyccino in another. Now, she refuses to have anything else because they look like her dad’s coffee.



  • Sharing! Especially with Jessica!
  • All of the food I make her, even if she asked me to make it for her!
  • As I’ve mentioned, she doesn’t like crowds and would much rather stay at home.



  • Molly was poorly again this month. My poor little baby had a UTI infection and was really quite ill. It broke my heart seeing her sick. Thankfully, the antibiotics started working within a couple of days.


So that was the round-up for Molly’s Month (March 2018). It was a great month for Molly, minus the UTI. Bring on the next! We find out which school Molly will be going to in April and to say I am nervous would be a massive understatement. If you want to read last month’s roundup, you can find it here.

Thanks for reading,

Sam x


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