Molly’s Month (April 2018)

Molly’s Month (April 2018)

Molly’s Month (April 2018) is the next edition in a monthly online journal series I write which documents the memorable moments from Molly’s life. Life seems to move so fast these days and that makes it easy to forget or overlook the little details. Writing about all the best, and at times worst, parts of our life together means we can look back over the memories in the future.


Molly’s Month (April 2018)

April, the month where the sun finally came out, and we could leave the house without the duffle coats! And then the sun disappeared again and our duffle coats were dragged back out! Anyway, enough about the weather, here’s what has been happening with Molly this month…



  • We went to Wakefield for my cousin’s wedding and had a lovely time. Molly seemed to come down with a bug though whilst we were there. Impeccable timing! Just to make things worse, she was sick all over me at the wedding reception. I had to go and hide in a toilet cubicle while my sister rinsed my top off in the sink. It didn’t help at all. I stank and had to leave before 9pm!
  • My sister and I took Molly and my niece Jessica to Blackpool for the day. The sun was shining and the kids wanted to play in the sand. Unfortunately, the tide was in when we got there, but we were still able to do some paddling. We had a fantastic day. I was so proud of Molly’s behaviour and how she seemed fearless, even though the sea was freezing.
  • We were sent some hairclips by Ines at Paws Made Me and Molly loves them. She had lots of fun modelling them too.Molly's Month (April 2018)-online journal-making memories-modelling a hairbow-family life-parenting-happy memories
  • We went on a bunny walk with the local library and then continued for a walk of our own afterwards. It was great fun, especially having ourselves a little competition to see who could find the biggest stick. Is anyone else reminded of that episode of Duggee whenever they hear the word ‘stick’? Haha!



  • Molly’s behaviour is becoming increasingly difficult to handle. I am at my wit’s end and have even questioned my skills as a parent. She screams and tantrums as she tries to get her own way. I don’t give in, but that makes her worse to the point where she becomes really upset and starts being sick. She has also hit her dad a couple of times this month which is obviously concerning.




  • Molly is still obsessed with all of her Disney Princess Dolls but they have some stiff competition now…
  • Introducing… the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower and figures! She had been asking for one of these for a while so we got her one for Easter and she’s played with it every day since. She doesn’t have all of the figures at the moment but she has a reward chart so she can work towards new ones.



  • Sharing anything with anybody is still a big issue for Molly this month. She understands the whole concept of sharing, and we’ve discussed it. A Lot! She seems to understand, but when it comes down to actually sharing anything she’s not having it at all.
  • Behaving herself! Much to my displeasure! Ever heard of mood swing whiplash? Because I have it; it’s a side effect of the threenager!



  • WE GOT OUR FIRST CHOICE PRIMARY SCHOOL!!! This is a massive relief for us. It isn’t the closest school to us so I was concerned we wouldn’t get it. It isn’t the best school either, by far, but out of all the schools we viewed, it seemed to be Molly’s favourite. The reception teacher was really encouraging and let Molly join in with the class whilst I talked to the head teacher. I was really surprised with how at ease Molly seemed in the classroom environment. She sometimes struggles with social and group environments so the fact that she seemed at ease here made it our number one choice. It’s been a long few months waiting to hear of where we’d been given but we can finally breathe now.


So that was the round-up for Molly’s Month (April 2018).  You can read last months post here if you wish.


Thanks for reading,

Sam x


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