Matters Of The Mind: What's Your Mental Neglect Really Costing You?
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Matters Of The Mind: What’s Your Mental Neglect Really Costing You?

Not so long ago, we spoke about how having a healthy mind is as important as looking after your body. There, we outlined some ways you can achieve health here, such as time in nature and plenty of sunlight. Be honest, though; have you taken any of those pointers on board?

When it comes to our minds, we’re often unwilling to take things seriously. We may dedicate every effort to our bodies, but we get shy when it comes to the mind. Luckily, a lot of the things we do for our bodies help our minds as well. Eating the right food and exercising both help with healthy brain function. But, stigma and general reluctance mean vast swathes of us don’t look after our minds the way we should.

Still, mental health issues are nothing to be embarrassed about. They’re as much a part of bodily functions as any other health problem. So much so that many experts are now fighting to get the ‘mental’ label removed from the term. The fact is that your health here is as important as, say, your lung capacity or muscle strength. If you still don’t think this is worth paying mind to, consider the following things neglect in this area could cost you.



Neglecting your mind could end up literally costing your money. If you ignore the need to nurture here, you could find yourself struggling so much that you’re unable to work. Insurance companies like Aetna also limit the time they reimburse psychiatric conditions. While you could contact someone like DarrasLaw’s attorneys to fight for compensation, you’d be out pocket for an indeterminate amount of time beforehand. When you consider that, wouldn’t it be easier just to do ten minutes of nature walking on odd occasions?



That’s right; your relationships are also at risk here. Through no fault of their own, partners may fast turn away from you if your mental neglect starts to take its toll. Suffering from an invisible issue like this can make you insufferable to your partner. They won’t be able to see what’s going on, and you probably won’t be able to tell them. Still, you may take stresses out on them, or withdraw for no visible reason. Before you know, you’ll be looking down the barrel of a singledom which only means more issues for your mind. All because you felt self-conscious about the idea of meditating.



Last but most importantly, neglecting your mind can cost you your happiness. Despite what you may believe, happiness isn’t a given. Like anything in life, you have to work at it. And, the best way to do that is to nurture your mind. By taking time out to do things you love, or which refuel you, you can keep your happiness in supply. Failure to do these things on a regular basis could see your happiness empty and your mental state suffering for it. So, consider that next time you skip out on your yoga session.


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