Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review
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Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review

For as long as I can remember I have always loved stationery. Even as a little girl I’d get excited at the thought of a new pencil or notebook.

Fast forward a few years and my love of stationery remains; I especially have a penchant for planners and notebooks. As a writer (and perpetual list maker) they obviously come in very handy. I don’t know about you, but I find there’s something really cathartic about opening up a new planner or notebook and organising my thoughts by writing them down.

As a person that loves planners, setting goals for myself, and someone that is also very in touch with their spiritual side, the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter planner is absolutely perfect for me. Not only is it a planner, but a tool that will help you achieve your dreams. Seriously! You can use the planner to set short, medium or long term goals for yourself while focussing on creating a positive mindset through the use of gratitude and affirmations.


When designing their Daily Goal Setter planner, Mål Paper’s aim was to, “Create stationery that will help you reach your full potential”.  They want people to be able to reach their goals by combining the use of productivity along with gratitude practices.

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review

The Daily Goal Setter has a hardback cover and there are 244 ivory 100gsm pages inside. There are also two divider ribbons and a document folder at the back.

Features of the planner include:

  • 6 month’s worth of planning
  • Long, medium and short term goal lists
  • Monthly, weekly and daily view
  • 2019/2020 calendar
  • Undated so you can start using it whenever you like
  • Available in a choice of 3 colours (either pink, black or grey)


When we set goals for ourselves it is usually because there is something we really want to achieve. But if we don’t properly make a plan towards achieving these goals then we are unlikely to achieve them.   The Daily Goal Setter planner encourages you to set S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself – these are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. There is space within the planner to set short, medium and long term goals.

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review
Long-term goals
Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review
Month Review


Having an attitude for gratitude is about always being grateful, thankful and appreciative of everything we have in our lives. This planner really encourages you to live your life this way. If we are thinking about the things we are blessed to have, we aren’t thinking about the things we lack. Thinking about what we lack would shift us into a negative mind frame, and attract negative experiences into our lives.

There is space within the planner to write down 3 things we are grateful for each day, whether that be something as big as family, or the little things such as a friend buying you a coffee. This serves as a great reminder of how blessed we are.

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter: Review

One of the things I love about this planner is the fact that it is filled with positive quotes throughout, to help keep you in a positive frame of mind. In fact, one of my all-time favourite quotes is in there too…

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

It is a perfect reminder to stay grateful with a positive attitude. 


After completing your three things you have to be grateful for, the planner encourages you to complete some daily affirmations. An affirmation is something positive we say to ourselves over and over until we believe it to be true, with the aim of getting rid of any self-sabotaging negative thoughts. As a rule, they generally reflect something we want to be true about ourselves or our lives. For example, “I feel more confident in myself each and every day.”

Daily Tasks

After you have spent time thinking about what you are grateful for, and have written down your affirmations, it is time to move onto your daily tasks. The aim of the daily tasks is that they are tasks that help you work towards your goals

The planner encourages you to complete your tasks in order of importance, not just what is the easiest task to complete.

The planner recommends using Brian Tracy’s ABCDE method of prioritising and making your daily tasks more manageable. You can find more information about this technique within the planner itself.


The Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter is a simple, stylish and effective planner. Not only does it help you to set short, medium and long term goals, but it also helps you to prioritise your daily tasks, while helping to promote your daily gratitude and affirmation practice. These things combined enable you to be as productive as possible.

I am so grateful to Mål Paper for getting in contact about their product. I always try to practice positivity and gratefulness each and every day, but also, I am due to have a baby any time now and this journal will help me keep on track with my goals and tasks at a time when life is about to get so much busier for me.

If you like the sound of this fantastic journal and would like one of your own, it retails for £20.95 and you can buy your own copy on their website. You can also find Mål Paper on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sam x

*Collaborative post – I was gifted a Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter in exchange for an honest review

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