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Making Your House Child Proof (Yet Stylish)

Maintaining the safety of your family is paramount in the home. But while you are doing your best to keep them safe, this can be to the detriment of style. When it comes to something like babyproofing your home or making sure that toddlers aren’t wandering with their fingers, what can you do to make sure that your style shines while making your home safe?

Invest In Fakery

We’re not saying that you need to completely invest in foam materials or swap every single item for an ottoman because this can make a home look quite fake. But what you can do is find little implements to dot around the house that aren’t going to compromise the style. Flaming candles are a very good example but so are artificial plants. If you are someone who doesn’t always remember to water the plants because the children are forever climbing around, finding a few bits of fakery can make all the difference. It’s cheaper than getting the real thing and it doesn’t require as much maintenance!

Removable Materials

With any child comes an abundance of mess! Every food pouch is a food explosion waiting to happen! If you decide to feed your child their lunch on the sofa this could spell disaster. Making sure that your sofa cushions are washable but also purchasing removable covers can make all the difference! 

You Don’t Need To Lay Carpet Down

If you are baby proofing your home you may think that carpet is crucial. And it could be extra peace of mind but if your baby will make a lot of mess (which is pretty much guaranteed) you can add extra layers of padding without putting carpet down everywhere. You could add layered area rugs because it’s not extra padding we all need but they are incredibly durable. And layered rugs can easily add to a rustic aesthetic. 

You Can Still Paint Light Colours

When your children are trigger happy with crayons and their greasy fingers, this usually spells disaster for any light coloured wall. If you really want a cream or taupe colour in your kitchen if you add a satin or eggshell finish it will clean up much better. It may not be able to prevent your walls getting coloured in Crayola but what you will be able to to get rid of the evidence much easier!

Cordless Blinds

Children love to grab dangling cords. This is one of the biggest dangers. If you invest in blinds they look a lot better than a pair of curtains but there’s that extra peace of mind. If you’re looking to go one step further you can purchase blinds that are sensor operated

Trying to make your home more stylish with children can be a strain. Ultimately, your children’s safety is a priority but you don’t have to cut every style corner. Making sure that your home is babyproof is crucial but when you start to think about all of the dangers your children expose themselves to around the home it doesn’t require much effort to make sure that everyone is happy.

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