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Luxuriously Homely: Achieving the Look

If you keep browsing through the Internet for beautifully decorated homes, you’re not alone.
Most people would love a luxurious and expensive-looking home, but then there’s the whole
problem with finding enough money to get the kind of look you’re after.

It’s just not possible when the budget is tight so we keep putting off until we’re able to afford

There are, in fact, ways to combine your already homely style with a few elements of luxury
in order to get the home you have in mind. Here are three ideas to get you started so that
you can look forward to relaxing in your own perfectly decorated living room.


What makes you think of luxury?

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to have a chat with yourself about what you
associate with luxury and make sure that you include these elements. Perhaps it’s all about
sparkling chandeliers, penthouse carpets, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and artworks on the wall?
Whatever it is, pick your favorites and try to combine it with the look you already have. That
way, it won’t cost you too much money and you can continue to upgrade your living room
slowly but surely.


First: Use greenery

The colour green tends to make your space pop a bit more but it’s not as easy as just buying
a few green pillows and hoping for the best. Plants are, in general, able to make your home
look a lot more put-together and even a bit more expensive; you wouldn’t invest in plants
unless you had the time to care for them.

While a living room full of plants will lift your space to new heights, your guests don’t know
how little care some plants actually need. A lot of them will simply sit around in your home
without needing much attention at all, so make sure that you get the low-maintenance kind.
You can have a look at this article to read up on the best plants to buy for beginners.


Next: Mix the old with the new

When you walk into a beautifully decorated living room, fully equipped with handsome coffee
tables, crisp plants, and mirrors to make the space look bigger, you won’t necessarily know
that the couch you’re sitting on was found in a thrift store.

Many pieces of furniture from a couple of decades ago will actually help to make your room
look a bit more expensive even though they’re second-hand.

Mustard yellow pillows, straight lines, and heavy wood are elements that will work perfectly
together with your more modern design as well – and, by combining the two, you won’t run
the risk of overdoing it either.

Keep looking through interior design sites to get your inspiration going and try to picture what
you’d like your living room to look like before you head out. It just makes it a bit easier to
start and finish with a plan in mind so that you don’t go overboard one way or another.


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