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Looking After Yourself in The Darkest Months of the Year

The period between Christmas and the start of spring seems to drag on forever; it’s cold, dark and a little depressing- even for the most optimistic of people. If you’re prone to depression or even just getting a little down in the dumps, this might be a time of year that you particularly struggle- as the festivities are over, money is tight and there’s a distinct lack of sunshine. Taking care of yourself during this time is important, and there are some things you can do which will keep your mood elevated. Here are some ideas.

Don’t let your resolutions make you miserable

Setting new year’s resolutions is great, it’s a chance for us to evaluate what we want to change for a better future. However, don’t let your resolutions make you miserable. Extreme dieting is not only bad for your physical health but your mental health too, cutting back on everything you enjoy is likely to make this period of time feel much worse. Of course, live healthily, cut back your spending, give up your vices and habits. But be sensible and realistic, you also need to live too so find balance and enjoy the journey rather than it feeling like punishment. 

Make time for relaxation

Work might be particularly busy at this time of year, lots of companies are catching up after the new year’s sales and getting ready for the upcoming tax season. For this reason, you might be particularly rushed off your feet and feeling more stressed than usual. Take the time to relax when you get home, have a hot bath and put your feet up. If you use heating oil for your home then crank up the burner, otherwise pop the heating on and some cosy pyjamas. 

See friends

It can be difficult to get everyone together when its cold and wet outside, everyone seems to go into hibernation mode. When the sun is shining it’s easy to invite people out for a picnic or round for a barbeque and people tend to be much more sociable and available to meet! But do make the effort where you can, go round and visit friends and family or invite them to you. Think of indoor activities you can enjoy together like shopping or the cinema where you can spend time without having to brave the elements. Meeting loved ones is incredibly beneficial for your mental health, and at a time of year where you might naturally be feeling a little more down then this is a good option. Chances are you have ‘spend more time with friends and family’ scribbled on your new year’s resolution list anyway, and unlike hitting the gym and eating more salad- this one is actually enjoyable to do!

Do you struggle at this time of year? What do you do to cheer yourself up?

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