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Limiting Children’s Sugar Intake Is Important – Here’s Why

We all know that children need to follow a healthy and nutritious diet so that they can get all of the necessary nutrients to grow up well. This means that they need to eat plenty of well-balanced meals that will provide them with enough protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins along with a whole host of other good stuff. It also means that certain foods need to be restricted too, such as sugar.

Lots of parents know that sugar is bad for their kids, but they don’t really understand why it’s so bad. It’s perfectly fine to let your son or daughter have a sweet treat every now and then, but if you let them have more than that, then you could be putting them at risk from the following.

Increases Weight Gain

One of the biggest issues that health organisations are trying to deal with at the minute is the increase in child obesity. Obesity rates in children are a lot higher than what they ever were and many doctors think an increase in sugar in diets is the main thing to blame. Sugary foods tend to be very high in calories and don’t provide much other nutritional value. If you are concerned about your child’s weight, then it’s worth replacing sugary treats and meals with healthier options that are packed full of nutrients and important vitamins.

Makes Them Hyperactive

I’m sure that all parents know about this risk already! If kids eat too many sweets or other sugary items, then they might get very excited and hyperactive. Their attention span will very quickly reduce and they will start to get very fidgety! Sometimes, this can be difficult for parents to contain. The only thing you can do to stop this hyperactivity is to wait it out until the sugar is out of their system.

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Can Increase Risk Of Dental Problems

Sugar can also end up damaging the teeth as well. This will be especially the case with children’s milk teeth as these usually aren’t as strong as the adult teeth they will get eventually. Every dentist, including Dr Alistair Graham will strongly recommend that parents significantly reduce the amount of sugar that their kids eat to prevent any serious dental problems. This is especially the case when a child only has their milk teeth as these can be damaged very easily. Stick to healthy treats that don’t contain much sugar to make sure your child doesn’t have to attend too many big dental procedures before they do get their adult teeth!

Could Cause Illnesses Like Diabetes

In some extreme cases, eating too much sugar can lead to certain illnesses, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Most of the time, these conditions only occur in older adults, but an increase in sugar has been known to cause them in children too.

There are many reasons to reduce the amount of sugar in your children’s diet – these are just a selection of some of the main ones. So, make sure you pay attention to what they are eating!

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