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Let There Be Light!

Making your home feel lighter and bigger used to be a serious issue. Luckily over the years, designers have caught on to the needs of the average person. While with grand scale hotels and buildings, there was a lot of room to play with and a pretty big budget – homeowners usually need to do things in small batches. So home interiors began to cater for a range of tastes – not just the classic home and gardens floral couches and bold statement wallpapers.

Minimalism is a big deal, and rightfully so. It allows people to explore what they really do and don’t need. Most of the time we don’t need the things we buy, we just want them, and as humans, we have a deep-rooted need to surround ourselves with ‘stuff.’

Almost like much bigger magpies – with some cash to spare. 

No matter the style of your home, letting in as much light as possible is a great thing. It makes the space look bigger, brighter, and all of that daylight is good for you in general. 

So what can you do, to let the light in?


When it comes to windows, we tend to want privacy and light. And when push comes to shove, we go with privacy – and block out most of the light with thick curtains. If you swap the thicker curtains for lighter voile in the summer, you are more likely to let the light flood in, and still get the privacy you are looking for. Keeping the windows clean is another way to maximize your light too. Smears and stains will stop as much light coming in as might be possible. 

Living Room

For most of us, the window in our living room will look out into the garden. Imagine how much more air and light you could get by replacing the windows with french doors. Although you might need to consider adding a patio area just outside of them and picking some blinds that let the most amount of light in – the extra light that be had just by exchanging the doors is pretty high. 


Everyone knows that the lighter the walls, the more light will bounce around and create the illusion of more space. So if you decorated your living room once upon a time a cool dark color, it might be time to rethink that choice. Darker colors have a tendency to make a place feel smaller – which is excellent if you are going to a cozy feel. But sometimes it can feel a little repressive and less edgy and cool than intended. Light pastel colors, mint greens, powder blues, and of course, old faithful, white are the ones that will give you the most instant results. 


Your lampshade fitting might be holding back your evening light. Uplighter lampshades are the biggest culprits for looking pretty but really not being the best for letting light travel around the room. Another problem can come when people don’t look at other bulb options. Energy-saving bulbs can put out a lot of light while being cheaper than you average bulb so is always worth consideration. 

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