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Key Things To Look For When Viewing A House

Some buyers only spend a short time viewing a property that is going to be their home for many years, would you do this? Most who do, live to regret their decision.

Below are some of the things you should make sure you look out for when viewing a house: 

Are There Signs Of Damp 

When looking for damp you want to look out for things like flaky plaster, watermarked walls or ceilings, and a moldy smell. It might seem pretty obvious, but you need to make sure you look closely around ceiling lines and skirting boards. Another big hint is if any areas have been ‘spot’ painted’ as this could be a sign that damp is being covered. 

Is The House Structurally Sound? 

Big cracks are the main things that you need to look out for here, little cracks are pretty normal. If you are unsure it’s a good idea to get a home inspector to look things over for you. Pay close attention to areas where extensions join, bay windows, and end-of-terrace walls, these can all begin to move away from the house structure. 

Is There A Good Amount Of Storage Space? 

Storage space is a very valuable but often overlooked asset. Think about where you’re going store your boxes of Christmas stuff, your hoover, spare linen, and other general house appliances. Are there enough cupboards or in-built shelving? In newer built houses, you may find that storage is scarce, so consider this in any house that you view. 

Are The Rooms Big Enough?

A lot of new home hunters may have heard that developers have a nasty habit of filing rooms in new builds with smaller furniture so they can make them appear bigger. If you already have furniture, the chances are that you’re not going to be buying new furniture to move with, so, will your current furniture fit? 

Be Aware Of Staging 

You need to be very alert when it comes to staging in a home, you are viewing. Strategic lighting, cleverly placed mirrors, cozy fires, fresh paint, and yummy smells are used to make a house seem more appealing. It’s good to feel as though you can move in right away, but you do need to be able to see the house for what it is and not dressed up. 

Think About The Area

You have probably already thought about the area that you want to live, so it would make sense for you to look at the area of each house you view. Some of the things to look at include: 

  • Are you near anywhere that may become rowdy in the evening like a pub or chippy? 
  • Can you walk to a shop? 
  • Is public transport accessible? 
  • Are there any noisy roads or tracks? 
  • Is there a local dumping ground nearby? 
  • Are you near good schools? 

If you find a property that you like, make sure you view it more than once and spend more than just 20 minutes looking around. Most importantly don’t be afraid to ask question and request to come back at different times. 

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