In Need Of Family Holiday Plans For 2019? How About Hong Kong?
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In Need Of Family Holiday Plans For 2019? How About Hong Kong?

There are very few places that offer as much to do for the family as Hong Kong does. If you are looking for a magical vacation that all ages can enjoy then this is the ideal place for you. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a week or two which you will never forget. This blog post is here to make sure this is the case. Read on to discover some fun things to do whilst in Hong Kong – we have even put together a selection of free activities as well.

Before getting stuck into the free stuff, let’s begin with the places that are assured to put a massive smile on your children’s faces. The following places all offer fantastic things to do with the kids whilst visiting Hong Kong…

Hong Kong Disneyland

A mention of the word ‘Disneyland’ is more than enough to get any child excited. The Asian Disneyland may have received a few negative reviews when it opened, but those days are well and truly over. With new rides opening all of the time this theme park is a real treat.

Symphony of Lights

Your kids will be amazed by the Symphony of Lights. This is the biggest laser and light show in the whole world.

Pink Dolphins

Take a trip to see the pink dolphins. You won’t get better wildlife than this anywhere else in the country. The rosy coloured sea mammals will give your children memories to last a lifetime.

As mentioned in the introduction; a trip to Hong Kong doesn’t need to be an expensive one. To prove this is the case, we have selected two free things to do whilst on vacation…


There are lots of stunning and serene parks in Hong Kong. If you are looking to spend a day relaxing then a trip to Hong Kong Park is a recommended option. The lily pond and the tranquil waterfall provide the most beautiful backdrop.


There is a fantastic selection of free museums in Hong Kong and they are all extremely fascinating. The Hong Kong Museum of History is a particular favourite and this is free every Wednesday. There are some museums that offer free entrance all of the time, such as the Law UK Folk Museum and the Police Museum.

While there are free activities, you will, of course, need to pay for your flight. Look into loans from providers like Buddy Loans. This will ensure you have the money you need upfront and then you can make monthly installments to pay off your holiday.

And finally, you can’t go on holiday without eating, can you? Hong Kong is home to an array of phenomenal restaurants. The local food over there is simply delicious. So, let’s finish off this article by rounding up some of the cheap eats….

Sun Hing Restaurant

This is the perfect place to satisfy those late night cravings. If you and the children have had a long day out then you can pick up a delicious runny custard bun from this midnight restaurant.

Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop

This place is ideal for anyone looking for a taste of traditional Shanghainese fan tuan. You can’t go here without trying one of the classic rice rolls.

Five Generations in Sweets

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Especially children! The Five Generations in Sweets sells everything from molten chocolate cake to egg pudding to apple crumble. Yum!

So there you have it; your guide to enjoying Hong Kong as a family!

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