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Ideas For Making Your Home Cosy For Christmas

The coming weeks are going to be all festive and getting your home ready for the big day; it can be really fun and exciting. You’ll be likely to have some events to go to, as well as having friends and family coming over to enjoy the festive period. With the winter weather, it can also be a time that you want to create an inviting and cosy retreat away from the cold. So with all of that in mind, here are some ideas to help you to create a really festive and cosy space at home this Christmas; when will you be putting the decorations up?

Create a warm welcome

It can be easy to get that Christmas feeling right before anyone walks into the door of your home, with all that you have outside. You could get a wreath for your front door, or even having some cute decorations or lights outside in the garden. It doesn’t need to be large or over the top. Keeping things simple with some foliage and berries can be enough, and can create a really rustic look. 

Make the tree the star

If there is one thing that can really make your home set for Christmas, then it is the Christmas tree. So it does need to be right in the middle of all of your plans when decorating. If you can, placing the tree on a wicker basket or a wooden sledge can be a cute way to set it all off. A tree skirt can make a difference, though as well. You just want to make sure that it is a real feature in the home.

Feature the fireplace

If you have a fireplace then once the tree is positioned, it is the next thing that will need a little love to bring the room altogether. It is a focal point in the room, and so is a great spot for making it look cute and cosy, with things like stockings, cosy scented candles, or garlands and pine cones. Log burners always seem to make rooms instantly more festive and lighting the fire is the perfect finishing touch. If you do have a log burner, make sure you use logs that have low moisture content due to kiln drying, as they will burn far nicer and look much better. They also give off more heat and won’t tar your stove. You also get that lush natural wood smell too which is a lovely bonus!

Snug seating

Christmas is a really busy time of the year, and being able to rest, put your feet up, get warm and cosy, with a hot chocolate and a movie, is the dream after a busy day. You might have the space to create a small nook that can be cosy, or you might have a favourite chair. Either way, having things like a wool blanket or a sheepskin to cosy up to can be a good idea. A soft floor lamp can be a good idea too, so you can have some low lighting to set the mood. 

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