I Am The Author Of My Life Story

I am the author of my life story, so why the bloody hell am I sat here sulking about things I’m not happy with? If we want something we should take some responsibility and go and get it. Shouldn’t we? So far in my life, I think I have pretty much written my story the way I wanted it to be. So what’s the problem now? As you probably know, I rebranded my blog earlier this year. I say rebranded, but in actuality, I jumped ship on the old blog. Life is too short to be stressing over irrelevancies, so when I wanted to make a change in my life and blog, I rewrote my story and did just that. I wanted to leave stress and negativity behind, so I started living a healthier lifestyle. I started eating better, working out more and meditating. Then, I started the Serenely Sam blog. Immediately, I set about trying to write as much content as I could and trying to get my stats to where they were with the old blog. I loved it. I am loving it! So why, after only 3 months as Serenely Sam, have I found myself struggling to write? I sat down on three separate occasions to write and came up with nothing. Honestly, I must have at least 100 post ideas, yet I’d still sit staring at the page or screen for hours, having written nothing. I told Chris I was thinking about giving up blogging altogether. He was shocked, to say the least, as he told me I couldn’t quit because, “you love writing and you’re really into all this wellness stuff!” He was right. I do love writing and I am ‘into all this wellness stuff’. The problem is, I have been so concerned with making sure I had content for the blog and raising my stats as fast as I could, that I wasn’t actually focusing on my wellness. I was making myself stressy all over again. How could I write anything if I couldn’t focus on the writing? I have written posts such as start doing and taking one step at a time but here I am, not taking my own advice. I guess the point I am trying to make is that because I am the author of my life story, as you are yours, then I should write my story exactly how I want it to be. Other people will feature in my story, but ultimately, nobody else can write it for me. This also means I write the story of my blog too. Yes, blogs need consistency, and yes, I want it to be a source of income, but should these things come at the expense of my mental health? I think the serene life I want is more important than achieving a good DA score or a certain number of page views. At the end of the day, stats aren’t the be all and end all. That could be applied to many life situations actually, couldn’t it? The bigger picture is more important. I will spend time focussing on my blog, but I will focus on my wellness more. Molly is going to be starting school in September and I want to spend as much time with her as I can until then. I am the author of my life story so for now, that means blogging when I want to, putting my phone down more, and really appreciating my daughter and her beautiful age while I have the chance. Are you living the life you want to or do you need to edit your story a little bit too?   Sam x