How To Take The Stress Out of Moving
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How To Take The Stress Out of Moving

Moving to a new house should be exciting. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, and you’re clearly enthusiastic about the property you’ll be moving in to (you wouldn’t have bought it if you weren’t); you should be looking forward to getting the keys and moving in! But for many reasons, this is rarely the case. According to researchers, the stress of moving home compares to the stress of divorce or the death of a loved one. However, while it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep the stress at bay entirely, there are ways you can keep it to a minimum. We take a look at a few useful tips below.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Doing anything last minute can be stressful! If you’re rushing to get to the airport on time, you’ll be stressed. If you set off an hour before you need to leave, everything will be plain sailing. The same goes for moving home. If you’re waiting until the last minute to get everything in shape, then you’re going to be increasing your chances of feeling the stress when crunch time comes. If, on the other hand, you give yourself way longer than you think you’ll need, then you’ll be able to get everything done with time to spare. There’s much to be taken care of – start early!

Pack Smart

The biggest cause of stress when it comes to moving is trying to get all of your belongings from one place to another. You never realise how much stuff you have until you need to remove every item from your home. But here’s the thing: much of what’s in your home isn’t useful. It’s just junk. So instead of taking your rubbish to your new home, why not pile it up and have it removed by this company? You’ll likely be able to get rid of many boxes worth of unused goods, and that means there’ll be a few kilograms less to take to your new home.

Make a Checklist

There are a lot of small tasks that need to be taken care of when you’re moving home. And it can seem like they just keep on piling up. But they’re only piling up because you’d forgotten about them, so don’t allow yourself to forget about them. If you make a list of absolutely everything that needs to be done, you won’t have to worry or stress that you’ve missed something. Keep it pinned on the wall and check things off once they’re done.

Time Off Work

You can take care of tasks in the run-up to the move, but it’s all going to come to a head during the week of the move. It’s really important that you take some time off week in the run-up to the big day! You’re going to need all the time you can get. On the day of the move, send the kids to their grandparents for the day – it’ll allow you to focus on what you need to do, without the stress of looking after others.

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