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How To Perfect Your Classic Vintage Home Renovation

When you get the chance the revamp your home, there’s bound to be a whole host of different design ideas racing through your mind. However, getting on board the latest trend or style may actually be a bad move, as what’s hot right now is not shortly afterwards. That’s why opting for a classic vintage look throughout will be an absolutely perfect choice for years to come, and there are so many opportunities for you to get creative and craft a unique and beautiful space. So, if you’re planning a home makeover and want to know what features you should include to make your surroundings become both rustic and chic, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that can help you to get started today! 

Choose A Colour Scheme

The colour scheme that you choose throughout your property will have a huge effect on whether it looks homely or not, and opting for the wrong colour can add an atmosphere that you might want to avoid. Dark and dingy colours like black and grey should be avoided, but you can add a few shades like purple cherry or green ivy to create a softer version of a standout feature wall that attracts attention without becoming overpowering. Generally, classic vintage home decors stick to lighter tones, such as pastel pink or duck egg blue, along with soft peach and other similar colours. White can be the perfect compliment to add different highlights and create the illusion of more space, but it can be a little cold when used in excess so bear this in mind. 

Invest In Classic Appliances 

The equipment that you use in your home can be revamped along with the rest of the interior, as there are so many classic vintage pieces that can really complete a room. The kitchen is probably the best place to start, as there are many different items like retro range cookers, rounded fridges, and even kettles with wooden handles for that d and rustic vibe. Just do a quick search online to uncover some brands or styles that you love, and try to stick with similar devices (colour, shape etc) so create a theme. There are also opportunities for you to make use of real old vintage equipment from back in the day, as many people have lovingly restored items from the past, and these can make a really great addition to the home. 

Finding Vintage Furniture 

The market for vintage furniture is so rich in beautiful pieces that can be such a wonderful addition to your new classic home. Head down to any local antiques shows or even garage sales if you’re ready to hunt for a bargain, and check out some auction sites online to uncover the perfect pieces for each room. You can even renovate some of your old furniture if you’re ready to get your hands dirty with some DIY, as you can find many different tutorial videos and blogs on the internet that can provide you with all the information you need to reupholster a sofa or repaint a table. By doing this you can ensure that your furniture is really one of a kind, and you can personalise the item to your own set specifications to create the perfect end product.

Don’t Forget The Exterior 

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, so you need to spend some time improving the curb appeal to complete your classic vintage project successfully. If you’re currently stuck with single glazing or just in need of a new set, then investing in sash windows will provide you with an amazing design feature that really adds to the style. If you have any green space, get it under control and try to create an area that can be used for seating and al fresco dinners. This can be anything from a grand white painted steel regal chair and table set to a simple picnic bench – it’s really up to you!

Renovating your home in a classic vintage style has never been so easy when you follow these top tips. Stick to one colour theme and keep it soft and warm, using white to make spaces look larger. Search for the perfect appliances and furniture to make some wonderful additions to your home, and consider carrying out some DIY work for really unique pieces. Don’t forget to improve the curb appeal of your home by making use of any green space!

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