How To Make A Family Member's Year
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How To Make A Family Member’s Year

It’s very easy to pick out gifts for our friends, our close family members, and those that we speak to most days. But when it comes to finding something for our extended family members, those you are friends with, love, but see slightly less frequently? We can start to become a little dumbfounded.

Does that lessen our desire to impress that person, or perhaps make their day? Not at all. Life obligations, scheduling and just worrying can all contribute to making your experience with this person less fruitful than you may want it to be. But how can you make a family member’s year, to make those moments truly matter? Is it possible to do this, and not only do it but to create a memory you are both likely to cherish?

We would say yes. Of course, it requires a careful understanding of the personalities involved, to the extent that you can. If you make a family member’s year, who knows? They make even repay the favour:

Invite Them To Your Wedding

There’s nothing quite as heartfelt as being invited to a wedding. It shows that on the most important day of your life – you also want them to experience it. But don’t just ask them. Wedding invitations from Pure Invitation can add a beautiful sense of ceremony and appreciation to your overall approach, helping them feel included in a carefully considered manner. Also, consider how you might like the invites to be written. A heartfelt note, a plus one, or something worthwhile you can give them can also allow them to feel like it’s not just a courtesy, but an event you truly want them to attend.

Invite Them On Vacation

We can’t always invite people to a wedding, because if we’re lucky, we only have one in our lifetimes. Of course, you can have more, but one wedding is always considered the be ‘the final one.’ Instead, it could be worthwhile to invite your family member on vacation. Your lone aunt might be thrilled about the idea of visiting the south of the country for a week, or coming with you to check out a beautiful historic town or simply spending time with you. It can show them that they are important to you, that you would love to bond with them, and that a limited spot is reserved for them. Who knows? They might also bring you along one day.

Go Out Of Your Way

It can be hard keeping up with family that live abroad, or far away from you. Scheduling a trip can often be a worthwhile effort, and will show them that you care to keep the relationship heightened. Going out of your way also enables you to tick off that box, so next time, they have to come to you. But making that first move often shows love, care and attention.

With this advice, we hope you’re much better able to make a family member’s year. We’re sure they deserve it.

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