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How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Nice And Healthy

Indoor plants can be a great way of transforming the home into a more pleasant and healthier atmosphere. However, not everyone has the natural talent in keeping plants healthy. So how much watering is too much, and where do you put them in your home? Here are some tips to keep your indoor plants nice and healthy.

Do Your Research On Plants By Room

Plants are all a little bit different from each other. Some love moisture, whereas some hate it and will thrive on very little water. There are those that love the light and those that will die if they get too much of it. So firstly, you want to think about each plant in relation to the room that you want it going in. With certain plants, you want to think about what sunlight it gets or the amount of moisture that’s in the air. The bathroom, for example, is going to need a plant that can survive with an excessive amount of moisture in the air. So something like Ivy or a Boston Fern will likely perform the best. For locations that get a lot of sunlight, cactuses, and other similar plants that love a lot of sunshine and high temperatures will enjoy that space.

Think About The Light

Lighting is very important to some indoor plants, and it might be worth looking into when it comes to giving your plants that extra aid that it needs in order to help grow, particularly in areas of the home that might not have the right amount of lighting. With your home, try to let in as much natural lighting as possible. Think about the positioning of your plants too. You want to find those areas that get a good balance of sunlight and shade. Some plants will need more of either sunlight or shade, so play around with the positioning until you find the right spot.

Have A Schedule

A schedule is important because without it, you’ll likely forget to water the plants, and even though some may survive, others might become damaged to the point that they’ll need throwing out. Have a schedule may be set up as a reminder on your phone or written down on a calendar in your home. That way, you can cross it out or delete it from your reminders when it’s done. Share this responsibility with the other people who live with you too.

Choose The Right Plant Holder

The right plant pot holder is essential to making sure your plant is comfortable and feeling good. Some plants are going to grow much bigger than what they are currently and so they need to be able to stretch themselves out when necessary. If the plant pot is slightly too big, just pack in more soil so that it supports the plant itself. That’s the most important thing.

Do all of the above, and you should see that all of your plants are happy and healthy moving forward.

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