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How To Give Your Bedroom a Summery Feel

We are well and truly into summer (hello, heatwave), but if you are able to create the sensation of summer in your home, and in particular in your bedroom, it can have quite a number of benefits. A room that allows more daylight during the day can be great, and the mood that it brings is really enjoyable. Plus, waking up to a bright and sunny day can instantly put you in a good mood, rather than waking up when it is still dark, as well as it being miserable and cold outside. The colours of summer in a home can be clean and crisp white, giving a feeling of freshness, as well as vibrant colours like green, giving some major foliage vibes. So with all of that in mind, here are some ideas for your bedroom this season, to help you to feel all summery and fresh.

Mirror, mirror…

There is a lot to be said about mirrors in a bedroom. They can brighten up a space, and they play a really vital role in bouncing daylight around, rather than just absorbing it like other items in the home can. They add some sparkle, as well as serving a practical function. If you have a cluster of mirrors, then it can look less formal than one large one, so that can be a good idea. But go big, go bold, and get plenty of mirrors in the bedroom. 


If you have a display of things like greenery, then it can bring the bedroom right into summer. It could be a large cheese-plant house plant, you could choose artificial ones, flowers, or just plenty of succulents that are oozing summer (and need little care). If you choose large leaf plants, then they can take up an empty corner of the room; job done. 

Natural Materials

When you think of summer and things that relate to summer, it can be all about natural materials, like sand, shells, wood, and flowers. So if you want to bring your home into feeling like your own summerhouse or beach hut, then using natural materials is a good way to go. You could make a display using things like shells or other beach finds, as well as choosing something like a wicker headboard for your bed, to give that beachy, relaxed look. Stones can be a good thing to have in the home too, and can do wonders for the feng shui in the room too.

Use Colour Wisely

There are plenty of colours that can just scream summer, like yellow, green, and orange. But when you think about those colours, less can certainly be more. So make sure that you are using the colours in the room wisely. A white backdrop could look good with a light grey feature wall, for example, with some pops of orange and yellow using things like cushions and rugs. So don’t go overboard, but make sure that you do use colour in summer, you can go a little crazy if you like it!

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