How to get your kids quickly settled in a new home
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How to get your kids quickly settled in a new home

No matter who you are, or what the specific circumstances of your life are, moving homes is always going to be a big deal.

When you move homes, you are presented by a whole new range of opportunities, but you’re also confronted by certain headaches, irritations, and tough calls.

If, however, you are moving homes with a family in tow, the entire process can quickly become a lot more urgent. The last thing any parent wants is to put their kids through an upheaval that may negatively impact their sense of well-being.

Of course, if you have a solid moving company such as Chess Moving behind you that, in and of itself, can relieve a lot of the stress.

Nonetheless, it’s really worth thinking about how you can help to get your kids settled into the new home as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips for achieving that.

Keep your composure and don’t let them see you panic or get too frustrated

All kids are extremely attentive to their parents’ moods, actions, and attitudes. As the old saying goes, kids pay attention to what their parents do, not do what they say.

Therefore, if you allow yourself to lose your composure, panic, or get frustrated and worked up during the move in front of your kids, they are likely to become very stressed as a result.

Finding ways to keep your own frustrations in check and to maintain a steady outward composure can be key to ensuring that your kids follow suit and are able to remain calm and optimistic.

Re-establish familiar routines as soon as possible

Humans, as has often been said, are creatures of habit. All you need to do is to read Charles Duhigg’s best selling book “The Power of Habit”, in order to see that it is our habits that determine our sense of well-being to a large degree.

Aside from this, our habits are also essential in terms of maintaining our sense of familiarity and capability in our environments.

Many people, when they move homes, will allow their habits to fall by the wayside immediately, and will often take weeks if not months to reintroduce those habits.

Children, in particular, need familiar routines in order to feel grounded. So, as soon as you’re able, resume regular meal times, regular morning routines, and other familiar habits in your children’s lives once you have arrived at the new home.

Get the essentials unpacked as quickly as possible

When you arrive in a new home, and all your worldly belongings are boxed up, you are more or less in a state of stasis.

The longer it takes you to unpack all the boxes and organise all your belongings, the longer it will take for you and your children to feel settled in your new home.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to leave their belongings half-unpacked for months and, in some cases, even for years once they have moved homes.

Do not allow this to happen to you. Your well-being, and that of your kids, will be greatly negatively impacted if you remain submerged in unpacking boxes for any longer than is necessary.

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