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How to Get into a Flow State and Be Happier

Known as a state of maximum productivity, motivation, happiness, and satisfaction, a flow state can revolutionize your life. With the ability to power through tasks – and enjoy yourself in the process – being in a flow state can help you to perform to your full potential.

Of course, getting into a flow state doesn’t happen by luck or by accident. Instead, you need to take steps to enable your mind to reach this state of proactivity and accomplishment. 

People often think that a life without pressure would make them happy but, actually, the reverse is true. Relaxation is beneficial in small amounts but successfully completing tasks, attaining your goals and accomplishing something brings us true happiness. 

When you’re immersed in something challenging and then successfully complete it, you’ll feel uniquely fulfilled and utterly content. This exemplifies the flow state and the benefits it can bring. If you want to achieve maximum productivity and achievement, try these top tips for getting into a flow state…

Rid yourself of distractions

Focusing solely on the task in front of you will enable you to complete it more quickly and to a higher quality. Turning your phone off, disconnecting from the internet or finding a quiet spot away from other people will give you the peaceful isolation you need to focus on what’s important. 

Stay energized

Eating well and exercising regularly can boost your energy levels and make it easier to get into a flow state. With carefully selected supplements, you can enhance these magnify these effects and use exercise to actually help you enter the flow state.

People often ask, can CBD help athletes, and the answer is YES. When used properly, CBD can ease mental tension, boost endorphins and minimize muscle breakdown. As a result, it can help you to increase your energy levels via exercise and help you to get into a flow state. 

Set clear goals

When you know what to achieve and how to do it, it’s far easier to achieve your objective. Before you start actually doing anything, write a clear list of targets you want to achieve. For bigger projects, break them down into smaller, manageable targets. 

With a clear target in mind, you’ll know when your task has been completed. This ensures you’ll stay focused on what you’re doing and not be tempted to let your mind wander. 

Consume caffeine carefully

If you choose to consume caffeine, do so strategically. Around 200mg of caffeine can help you to focus more intently, which can be beneficial when you want to get into a flow state. 200mg of caffeine equates to around two cups of coffee, so be careful not to overdo it. 

Create a mental cue

Humans respond well to habits so using a mental cue to trigger a flow state can help you to re-enter the same state more easily. With a mental cue successfully established, you’ll find it easier to get into a flow state every time you do it. 

Flow can make you happier and healthier, so make it your mission to achieve it more often.

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