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How To Expand Your Home To Accommodate A Growing Family

As life goes on, the time will eventually come when you start thinking about having a family. And when that happens, you’ll suddenly see your house through a different lens. No longer will it be a space for you and your partner, but a bunch of kids too. 

Having a family fundamentally changes everything. It suddenly exposes flaws in your current living arrangements. It prompts you to start thinking about how you might begin to move things around. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways that you can expand your home for a growing family.

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Create A Side Return

Moving house is costly and disruptive. While it is the only option for some families, it is not something that everyone wants. Most people would rather stay where they are right now and just make a few modifications here and then to accommodate the realities of family living. 

If you have a small kitchen and need more space, building a side return is an option. These extensions increase the width of narrow rear rooms, providing a larger space for things like breakfast bars and so on. 

Convert Your Loft

When you’re thinking about expanding membership of your family, loft conversion planning is one of the first things you should do. You look at the space in your attic and then imagine how you might transform it into a new bedroom. 

Converting a loft is actually surprisingly simple. Most of the time, you don’t even need planning permission. Usually, it is a matter of laying down some floorboards, covering up the rafters, adding a bit of extra insulation, and perhaps building windows into the eaves. 

Loft bedrooms are also ideal for children. While ceiling heights can be a little low for adults, limitations like these don’t usually adversely affect kids. 

Fit A New Bathroom

While a single family bathroom is okay, you’re always much better off having a second one, especially if you plan on having two or more kids. You need a place where you can get ready for work without your children interrupting your schedule. 

Fitting a new bathroom, again, is expensive, but it usually works out a heck of a lot cheaper than moving. Plus, just like a side return or loft conversion, it increases the value of your property, so it’s not just money down the drain. Eventually, you’ll make it back when you come to sell or pass on your property to your kids. 

Add Space To Your Porch Area

For most people, a porch is just something that provides you with a little shelter while fumbling around in your pockets for your keys while it rains. For families, though, it’s way more important. It’s the place where kids put their muddy boots before they walk into the house and where you store coats, prams, and whatever else you need when you leave the house. It is, therefore, a vital, functional component of your living arrangements, and you should expand it if at all possible. 

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