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How To Dress Up Your Door

The front door is something that people love to see when they finally get into their own street. It is the door that welcomed home babies, new pets, friends, and maybe the first one that you own. You can make the welcome even more inviting if you want to – and who doesn’t love the feeling of seeing your door when you have returned after a long day or home from holiday?

Fresh Face

If your door is peeling, or the paint has seen better days, it might just be time to give it a new coat. You can get as creative as you like here. Bright yellow is a colour that is typically linked with happiness and sunshine. You might want something a little more classic, black, white, red, or blue work very well. You could choose something unusual like olive or acid green – if you are feeling fancy! Consider adding a new letterbox, kick plates, or handles to complete the look. 


Give your accessories some thought. You can change the door knocker and the doorbell as a minimum and then see what takes your fancy. Add some large terracotta pots with blooms in that frame your door. Flowers are proven to make people happy, so imagine the extra boost you’ll get from flowers that are by your front door. A designer doormat in a design you love, with colours to match the door or colour scheme of your flower beds, is another lovely touch. 


Make sure that you clean your steps and your door once a week. The best thing to do is simply baking soda, water, and some elbow grease. Grab a broom and sweep away all the cobwebs, then start scrubbing. A wet washcloth or sponge will be enough to make the door gleam.  

For an extra touch, add some essential oils to a cloth and give the frames a wipe. The essential oil will linger for a little while, meaning you can enjoy the scent every time you walk through the door. 

Remember to remove any rust from exposed hinges or metal work while you are cleaning your door and stoop. 


You can install motion sensor lighting, or you can have a permanent light. This is as much about safety as it is about making your front door inviting (to the right people). If you have a well-lit porch and CCTV, you are less likely to have trouble at the door. You can find light fittings that match all styles of home. 


If you have a front garden, then you should extend the same attention all the way down to the curb. Make sure that you keep your grass well-trimmed, and edged. Sweep your path every week, and put the leaves and debris in a composter. If you aren’t great with trimming hedges, then hire someone local to take care of that for you. Consider lining your path with solar lights to make it safer for use in the evenings. 

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