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How to Be the Go-To Party Organizer In the Family

Every family has a person who is able to make party happen and remembers all the birthdays and special events. If you feel like you are the person who always ends up planning holidays and family days out, you will need to either get others to help you out, or embrace the newly found role. It is not that bad being the party organizer, but it is a lot of preparation and work. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started and keep everyone in the family happy.

Upgrade Your Culinary Knowledge

The first thing after you find out that you have been volunteered to be a party organizer is to upgrade your knowledge on food and wine, so you can put stunning menus together. You can go to cooking classes, or wine classes, and learn which food goes with which drink. You never know, maybe you will even become an expert and have an account with, so you can always have the right drinks ready for the occasion.

Create an Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Space

It is also a good idea to invest in your home, unless you are arranging most of the family events in a restaurant or other people’s homes. If you have a big family, you will probably not be able to seat everyone at the table, and in the summer you could enjoy some fresh air and a natural dose of Vitamin D. Get a landscape gardener in to look at your space and design a stunning patio with the right seating and entertainment functionality.

Know Everyone’s Taste

As the main person who organizes family events, you will need to collect and store information about everyone’s taste, dietary requirements, and entertainment preferences. Take into consideration the age of the family members. Older relatives might need a quiet space where they can rest and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the event. Smaller kids might need some indoor and outdoor toys to play with safely, while the parents are having a conversation.

Take Care of the Kids’ Entertainment

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When organizing family parties and events, we often think about the adults, but it is really the kids who can get bored easily. No matter if you are just having a grown up catch up with your family members, a night in, or a dinner party, you will need to keep kids happy and content, but most importantly out of trouble. If you have a home cinema system, you can put on  a movie and keep an eye on them from the dining room.

Provide a Safe Haven

You will need to turn your home into a safe haven for all family members, create an open communication system and a sharing culture in the family. Establish some basic rules of communication for the party and in general, so everyone feels like they are being listened to and respected. You need to make an effort to include everyone in a conversation.

Get Everyone to Work Together

Of course, you cannot possibly do it all alone. You couldn’t finance cooking for every family member and providing entertainment all the time. As the organizer in the family, you can ask for contributions. Some people might have craft skills, and they can create the invitations. Others will do the decoration with the kids, while some family members will offer to get dessert or make a salad for your meal. You don’t want to feel like all you do is slaving around everyone else.  Create a list of items and ask your family members what they can contribute, so you can take the pressure off your own shoulders.

Up Your Project Management Skills

If you  want to be good at planning family events, you might need to learn a few tricks about project management. You don’t want to be rushing around and missing things. Create a simple spreadsheet with all the things you need to do to make your family event a success, and ask for an input from people you invited. You can take an online course on project management and organizing events, so you will be on top of your game and save time and effort trying to please everyone.

Being the trusted party organizer in the family might fill you with pride, but it is also a lot of time and effort. Don’t let your tasks drag you down, and make the most out of your organizational skills.

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