How Can I Encourage My Kids To Be More Active?
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How Can I Encourage My Kids To Be More Active?

Are your kids spending too much time sitting in front of the TV? Encouraging young kids to be more active isn’t easy, but it’s important if you want them to stay fit and healthy. Here are just a few ways to persuade your kids to be more active.  


Go on active family days out

Family days out can be great ways to get the kids to be active (providing you’re not just going to the cinema!). Think about places that require lots of walking – you could go to a children’s farm, a zoo or a museum. There could also be activity days out such as going cycling, going swimming or visiting an adventure park. By taking part in the activity yourself, you can lead by example and also keep fit too! Family days out can be great bonding experiences and they can also be educational.


Take up an active family hobby

There may be an active hobby that you can take up as a family. This could be anything from rock climbing to martial arts. Look for clubs in your area that are family-friendly and consider going along for a taster session. As with active family days out, the fact that you’re also joining in with provide an inspiration to your kids. Make sure that it’s a hobby that you and your kids want to try.


Don’t drive everywhere

You can also encourage your kids to be active by walking more and driving less. If you only need to go down to your local shop and you aren’t planning on bringing back too many bags, it could be a great opportunity to walk. Driving less won’t just keep you and your kids healthier, but it could also save you money in fuel.


Buy toys for outdoor use

You could also try buying toys that require your kids to go outside in order to use them. There are lots of toys that you can buy for the garden to get kids playing outdoor in the summer – these include trampolines, water guns, kites and scooters. There may even be gadgets that you can buy for outdoor use such as quadcopters. Of course, you don’t want to buy toys only for them to get unused, so try to shop with your kids and see which outdoor toys excite them.


Limit screen time

It could be worth putting a limit on screen time to encourage kids to try other activities. For an hour after the kids get back from school, you could put a ban on all screens – this includes TVs, tablets, PCs and phones. Another option could be to turn the wi-fi off for an hour if kids are always playing online games. Try to make sure that you’re limiting your own screen time – if you’re always in front of the TV, it’s not going to provide much of a motivation for your kids.


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