Gratitude List #7

Gratitude List #7

Gratitude list #7 is the seventh instalment of my gratitude series. I haven’t written one of these lists for a while. Well, I haven’t actually been doing much writing at all lately either. I think that’s mainly due to having a lack of time over the summer holidays, feeling down with my endometriosis, and basically losing my mojo a bit. But, I know that no matter how down I’m feeling or how much life is getting on top of me, there are still always things to be grateful and thankful for. With that, here are the things I am grateful for in Gratitude List #7.



  • My little girl, Molly, and my niece Jessica, both started school in September and so far they both seem to be enjoying it. They go to the same school and are in the same class so they always have each other for support if need be. It definitely puts my mind at ease a bit knowing they have each other.
  • My niece is so massively caring and compassionate and she deserves a shoutout and show of appreciation. She’s always looking out for Molly, even though she’s only a few months older than her. The other day she proved that once again, her heart is massive and that her love for Molly is unwavering. She was off school sick and she apologised for being sick because she wouldn’t be able to look after Molly at school. She’s five and was worrying about her cousin. How completely adorable is she?


Healthy Lifestyle

  • I have recently been working with an absolutely fantastic nutritionist; Neil Welsh. His advice has been instrumental towards my quest to lead a healthier lifestyle. I have always struggled with my weight because of my polycystic ovaries but even so, I am still losing weight. If you need to lose a few pounds but want something that fits around your family life, I would highly recommend checking out Neil’s site.
  • I have recently become a vegetarian and I am very thankful to myself for doing so. I haven’t missed meat at all and feel a lot healthier for it. Mostly! I think I’m overcompensating by eating all of the cheese! This wouldn’t be a problem, but I have a slight intolerance to dairy so I shouldn’t really eat dairy at all. It’s so nice though! I’m not sure I could ever be a vegan because I need the cheese!


Upgrade Time

  • I got a new phone! I know that’s material but I am soooo grateful. My last phone had seen better days and was driving me berserk with all its weird little episodes. I honestly feel very grateful for my lovely new purple phone.


New Adventures

  • My sister and I have recently started doing some market research, and so far I’m really enjoying it. I am not sure if I’m allowed to say which products it’s been for so I won’t but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I’ve even managed to get the other half and brother in law involved too.


So that was Gratitude list #7 and all of the things I am feeling grateful for right now. I honestly could have kept going with this list but I’ll leave it there. Do you keep a gratitude journal or write a gratitude list? What are you grateful for right now?


Sam x

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