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Gratitude list #6

Gratitude list #6 is the sixth instalment of my gratitude series.

I started writing gratitude lists because it means I am taking the time to sit and reflect on everything I have to be grateful for in my life. Sometimes, life gets a little bit hectic and the little things are often overlooked. Stopping and thinking about the things I am grateful for means I appreciate my blessings even more. Reading back over a gratitude list is also a great pick me up if I am ever feeling down.


With that, here is Gratitude list #6 and the things I am grateful for:

  • A couple of weeks ago we had a street party which was so much fun. I may have gone slightly over the top with the gin though! It was lovely to spend some time with the neighbours, for parents and kids alike. I’m very grateful that I live on a nice street with lovely neighbours.
  • Molly won the trophy for ‘tiny tumbler of the week’ at gymnastics and I couldn’t have been any prouder of her. Granted, it’s a gymnastics class for kids under five and they all ‘win’ at some point, but it honestly felt like she’d just won gold in the Olympics. Anyone that knows Molly will know she struggles with her coordination – that being the reason we signed her up. She really wanted to win the trophy and has been working hard, mostly, to try and win it.  She immediately ran over to me to show me the trophy. Like the embarrasing mum I’m shaping up nicely to be, I actually cried because I was so happy for her. And the teacher then informed the whole room that there was a crying mummy. It’s been a couple of weeks now and Molly’s still so happy with her little self.
  • I have recently started meditating and it is really helping to calm my mind and lift my spirits. It’s so relaxing. The brain fog I’ve had for months is finally starting to shift; I will put that down to meditating. I’ve have gained some clarity and perspective on life since I started meditating too. It’s also great for helping me fall asleep.
  • Yoga! I have always liked yoga and have recently started doing it again. I love how much more flexible I feel already and I am looking forward to learning more, and improving as I go along.
  • My health isn’t the best, but I am feeling a lot of gratitude for it right now. I’m really out of shape and my endometriosis is worse than ever, BUT, I am very aware that things could be much worse for me. I am actively attempting to lose weight and improve my fitness, and I am on the waiting list for surgery so things are really looking up for me at the moment.


So that was Gratitude list #6 and all of the things I am feeling grateful for right now. Do you keep a gratitude journal or write a gratitude list? What are you grateful for right now?


Sam x

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