Gratitude list #4

Gratitude list #4 is the fourth instalment of my gratitude series. The series is about taking the time to sit and appreciate everything I am grateful for in my life at that time. Life can be so hectic and the little things are often overlooked. Taking the time to write down what I am grateful for means I can look back over everything I have written, for inspiration, if I am ever feeling down.   With that, here are the things I am grateful for in Gratitude list #4: My websites Domain Authority score has finally gone up from 1 to 8 (or 15 on the Moz toolbar ???). It’s still not great but my new site is a work in progress. I think I actually jumped for joy when I saw it. Pinterest was on my last gratitude list but I am putting it on this one too. I ‘think’ I am really starting to get to grips with what it’s all about and actually enjoying using it. My follower numbers and monthly viewers have increased over the last month too, so I must be doing something right. We just had a weekend away as my cousin got married. It was great to see some of the family we don’t see enough of. Its always nice to have a change of scenery too. When we were just around the corner from our house on the way home from our weekend away, Molly did something I will never forget. She looked out of the car window, took a deep breath and said, “home” and her shoulders relaxed. It made me laugh but I was also so proud, and a little bit emotional. I was proud that she recognised houses near to where we live in case she should ever need to know. I was a little bit emotional because the relief she showed told me that home is where her heart is and where she’s most comfortable. She looked relieved and I am happy that I am able to provide her with such a comfortable home. Chris accidentally shaved his beard off a few days ago. I know this is a weird one to include on my gratitude list but I didn’t half laugh my head off. I’m still laughing now! I will never forget the look on his face when he realised that he had used the wrong attachment on his beard trimmer and all those months of growing his beard were for nothing. Poor Chris! It gave me a laugh though! And they do say that laughter is the best medicine (though I am not quite sure who this ‘they’ is.. ) My mum treated us to a family meal. We don’t do it nearly enough so it was lovely to sit down with my closest family and spend a nice evening together. You can treat us more often if you want mother! Chris had a week off work so it was nice to spend more time together as a family. Molly loves it when he is off because she is a massive daddy’s girl. I think its probably easier for him to be at work but he doesn’t complain, he just gets stuck in and sits on the floor playing with her and her toys all day. Molly adores spending time with her daddy, and I love that I actually get some peace and quiet!   So that was Gratitude list #4 and all of the things I am feeling grateful for right now. How about you? What are you grateful for right now? Do you keep a gratitude journal or write a gratitude list? If you want to read my other gratitude lists you can find them here. Sam x