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Gratitude list #3

Gratitude list #3 is the third instalment of my gratitude series. I enjoy writing a gratitude list because it means I have to stop, sit down and really take the time to appreciate everything I have to be grateful for. Life seems to move so fast and I don’t think we always realise just how much we have to be appreciative of in our lives.


With that, here are the things I am grateful for in Gratitude list #3:

  • I have finally managed to sit down and start reading some of the books I bought a few months ago. I’ve been looking forward to reading them for a while but never had the chance. So this is actually quite a big achievement for me.
  • My mum! She always manages to find a way to cheer me up and build my confidence when I doubt myself. She likes to put things in perspective when I’m being a bit of a drama queen too, but that’s a story for another day!
  • My bond with Molly! I recently wrote a post about dealing with Molly’s meltdowns and another where I questioned my parenting skills, but even so, our bond is amazing. It doesn’t matter what sort of a day we’ve had, we still always end it with a story and a long cuddle in bed. We look at each other and I guess all of the drama just slips away on the spot. Until it starts again the day after… #threenager
  • I am feeling very grateful for my fiancé Chris at the moment because of his enthusiasm towards creating an office for me. He knows I need a dedicated workspace; the sofa doesn’t cut it anymore!  Well, he was excited until I said the office would kind of be like my mum cave where I could escape to. Then he wasn’t so enthusiastic…
  • This also leads me on to say I am grateful that I have the room in my home to create a dedicated workspace.
  • I am finally starting to ‘get’ Pinterest, thanks to the brilliantly amazing Donna from Bobsy’s Mum. I wouldn’t yet go as far as saying I know what I am doing, but I am getting there, slowly.
  • Molly and Jessica, my niece, have both been accepted into the same school for September. They’ll both know somebody when they start, which will be a huge help for Molly as she tries to settle in. It’s also really convenient in case I ever need my sister to take/pick up Molly, and vice versa.


So that was Gratitude list #3 and all of the things I am feeling grateful for right now. How about you? What are you grateful for right now? If you want to read my other gratitude lists you can find them here.


Sam x

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