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Gratitude List #2

For me, this year is about letting go of the past, having a gratitude attitude, and taking the time to really appreciate everything I am already blessed with. After a few rough years, I have set myself a motto for this year, which is: ‘Life Changing’. And you know what, it will be! I will make sure of it. One of my first steps towards achieving this was realising that I needed to change my mindset, and think more positively. I was stuck on negative, dwelling on things I didn’t have. I have rebranded my blog, and I suppose I am rebranding my life too.

In order to remind myself of everything I have to be grateful for I have started a gratitude journal, and I am going to write a gratitude list on my blog. I will aim to write a list at least once a week, but I will also be mentally noting everything I am grateful for as I go along.


With that, here is my second instalment in the series, Gratitude List #2…

  1. I went for an appointment about my endometriosis with a gynaecologist at the hospital a few days ago and it went better than I ever thought it would. Apparently, my hospital is now a specialist endometriosis centre and the doctor was hopeful that I wouldn’t need a hysterectomy. At least for now anyway!
  2. I had a moan on my personal Facebook about wanting to move to a different place and the encouragement I received to make the change from family and friends was overwhelming. I was even offered help with work and childcare if I did decide to move. I’ve been quite down on myself this year so this generosity really puts a smile on my face. We have decided that when we can make it work, we WILL be making the big move!
  3. I absolutely love it when Molly brings her artwork home from nursery. This week she brought back some Easter Crafts which are adorable.
  4. I started Molly in a gymnastics class earlier this year as she is extremely clumsy. My hope is that the classes will improve her coordination. This week saw Molly taking part in her very first pre-school exam. I was nervous as she does struggle and I didn’t think she was ready. She tried so hard during the exam though. At one point I thought my heart might actually burst out of my chest with pride. It was so beautiful to witness her up there, without a care in the world doing her best. She passed the exam, though I wouldn’t have cared if she failed miserably because of the effort she put in. Definitely a proud mama moment!
  5. I have got a plant in my kitchen, which I’ve had for a couple of years now. I’m not sure exactly what it is but its still alive, and keeps flowering every now and again. I love seeing it in all its glory on my kitchen table. It really cheers me up and brightens the room up.
  6. The other day, my niece Jessica gave me a massive hug and told me she loved me. It was out of the blue, for no reason at all. It was beautiful.
  7. This week I bought myself not one, not two, but three new notebooks. It might sound weird to be grateful for stationary but it makes me so happy. I am definitely a stationary addict. The problem now though, is that I don’t want to write in my fancy new notebooks and ruin them…

That is it for my Gratitude List #2. Do you keep a gratitude journal or write gratitude lists? What are you grateful for right now? If you want to read my other gratitude lists you can find them here.


Sam x

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