Glamorous Gardens For Those That Are Short On Time & Energy (or Lazy)
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Glamorous Gardens For Those That Are Short On Time & Energy (or Lazy)

Urgh! Not only do we have to spend most of our time and energy running around the house making it look presentable, but in a few months it will be spring, and that means the garden will need doing as well. Happily, there are some tactics you can use to glamourise your garden without having to put in too much effort. Read on to find out what they are.

Decorative shrubbery

One tactic you can use to glamourise your garden with little effort is to plant ornamental shrubs like Gaultheria and Hebe. These plants introduce some colour and texture into your outdoor space, and the best thing is that they look great all year round.

This means no sowing flowers every spring, or digging up dead plants come winter. In fact, as long as you provide them with the right spot, and some basic care they will keep on look great forever. Something that makes them the lazy gardener’s best friend.


The other alternative to having to spend days planting rows and rows of flowers in your garden is to go for a much more relaxed vibe. In fact, you can get a lovely wildflower meadow look by just sprinkling mixed flower seeds over your beds, or even the entire space if you like.

Glamorous Gardens For Those That Are Short On Time & Energy (or Lazy)
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The best this is that you can even get these is colour specific mixes now, so you can choose the tones you want in your garden. They even come with fertiliser built into the mix as well. Therefore, all you need to do is shake and go, making them the best choice for a lazy gardener that wants a gorgeous result.

The grass is always greener

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but in our case, that is literally true. In fact, getting the lawn to look like anything than a wasteland can take some serious work.

Happily, there are some low maintenance solutions for gardens that are encountering trouble with their lawn. One is to sprinkle grass seed in the early spring, something that will boost the balder spots and make the grass look a lot healthier and greener.

Alternatively, you may wish to go for something like the products you can get from New Lawn that are made from artificial grass. Of course, once these are in they don’t take any watering or tending and you are guaranteed gorgeous green grass all year round, no effort required, making the perfect of the time-strapped and lazy alike!

Raised beds

Finally, another smart way to get a glamorous garden effect with as little effort as possible is to raise up your flower beds. The idea being that this saves effort is when it comes to the tending and planting, because as the beds are higher, they are easier to reach without all that bending and kneeling that puts so many people off doing more gardening.

Of course, if you do the right, they can look pretty swanky as well, making them another great tactic for achieving a glamorous garden that even us lazy folks can maintain with ease.

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